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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-1 Chapter


1,1. And Abedam asked them: "Now listen, I have seen with great pleasure how you surrendered your hearts. This is truly the best way for you; but know that for the sake of your life's freedom I cannot remain among you as at present but must soon leave you as a visible Father.

1,2. "Which among you is going to arise and work in My name once I shall no longer walk in your midst and you need the help of higher powers and might?

1,3. "Who will then guard you against any adversity? And who will protect your hearts against all the evil persecutions of the world if there is no one among you in possession of higher power and might, left to you all by Me as a mighty protection against all the persecutions and temptations of the serpent?

1,4. "Do think about it and answer Me. Amen."

1,5. And all who were thus asked answered as with one voice: "O Emmanuel, Your words are more than only the purest truth; O Abba, they are love!

1,6. „Therefore, even if our physical eyes will no longer be undeservedly blessed, as they are now, with seeing You, O holy Father, in person, You, O Abba, will surely not withdraw Your love from us along with Your restored holy visible presence. Instead You will allow us forsaken children to warm and quicken our hearts through Your infinite and exceedingly holy fatherly love.

1,7. "O Abba! We merely beseech You to be our Father eternally and not ever withdraw Your blessing hand from us, - then we shall all have sufficient power and might to resist and completely conquer all temptations and dangers of the world.

1,8. "As always and ever, Your holy will be done now! Amen."

1,9. And Abedam, deeply moved, exclaimed loudly: Verily, verily, I tell you, once you have My love, you have everything, - nay, more than all the Heavens of heavens will ever comprehend!

1,10. You have chosen the highest reward, which nobody will take from you in eternity.

1,11. Verily, whoever will faithfully remain in My love, from him death will flee as the snow retreats before the hot rays of the midday sun of summer.

1,12. „Thus, now as in all eternity, I remain with you in love. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-1 Chapter