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10,1. When Sethlahem had finished his remarkable speech, also Kisehel took courage and, stepping up to Sethlahem, spoke to him the following most noteworthy words:

10,2. "Brother Sethlahem, you know wherein consisted our instruction or rather our knowledge which we received while still here.

10,3. "Jehovah was proclaimed to us in a manner that made our greatest ideas about Him come to nothing.

10,4. "Although we knew of His endless greatness, might and power and often talked about His possible essence, - which among us all would have dared then to imagine Jehovah, the eternal, holy Father, to be a man like us, even though the most endlessly perfect man?

10,5. "Since through our wrong concept we imagined Jehovah not as a man, but as something in its nature so colossal as to defy every description, it was only natural that our ideas of what pleases God had to correspond with our idea of God Himself.

10,6. „Therefore behold, dear brother, our hearts were continually occupied with God and although you had the grace of having grasped Jehovah better than I, who should, or could, have been the arbitrator between us?

10,7. "What tangible proof for your viewpoint and your faith could you have supplied to convince us of the truth of your conviction?

10,8. "Look, you too had nothing but your belief, just as I had nothing but my unfortunately erroneous belief to back up my idea.

10,9. „Thus, although you were living in the light, you were blind and had a dim notion of the light only because its warming ray made you aware of it.

10,10. "But I, with my eyes open, stood in the densest darkness, seeing nothing and unable to guess the light because not one brighter ray could penetrate the great night of my thoughts.

10,11. "Thus I believe now, dear brother, that we should no longer boast about what is past, whether it was nearer to, or farther from, the truth; for neither of us had the actual truth, - and had he had it, how could he have vouched for it?

10,12. "What we were all lacking was the knowledge that our holy Father is, like us, a man and a sole God! The error was not grounded in our will, but only in our imagination. All of us were poor fools and I was probably the greatest. But now He Who is among us and is holy, immensely holy, good, immensely good, our most loving Father has helped us all out of our great distress, blindness and poverty. He stands visibly before us and we all recognize in Him the eternal, holy Father and the almighty, eternal Creator of all things. Therefore, to Him all gratitude, praise, glory and honor and all love and adoration from all our children and us!

10,13. "In many things, dear brother, your prophecy has been fulfilled, particularly with respect to the humility, lowliness and plainness alone pleasing to the Father and Lord. But of the fact that Jehovah is also a man, of His endless love, grace and incomprehensibly great mercy, - brother, of these none of us had ever dreamed. And if one of us had had such a notion it was the always quiet and withdrawn Zuriel with his daughters. However, he always withdrew to the remotest corners and it was difficult to coax a word out of him.

10,14. "Tile rest of us put together knew nothing. Only yesterday did you hear through the dear Enoch how far we have succeeded with our wisdom and prophecy.

10,15. "I for one - apart from the fact that you were always vaguely closer to the truth - am thinking thus:

10,16. 'We should no longer in any way boast of our former condition whatever but rather give all honor and glory to the One Who is now among us.

10,17. "Your good remains good insofar as it is good in His sight; but as such and by your own merit it is not by a hair's breadth better than was my former fundamentally wrong concept.

10,18. "But I tell you now, my brother, that I thank the Lord for my former benightedness; for it was the basis for my present humility and, thus, also a great, though veiled, grace on His part.

10,19. "Behold, that it was a grace I recognize from the fact that I shall never be able to pride myself on it.

10,20. You, however, did have light, and the glory of this grace draws your heart. Truly, brother, you are, like me, chosen, .. but if you wanted to give me your former light in return for my former darkness, I would ponder for a long time before making the change.

10,21. "I, therefore, advise you for your own sake in the future no longer to mention it but rather to remain my dear, humble brother. For behold, before Him Who is approaching us we both stand equally bare and naked; so do remain my dear brother now and forever! Amen."

10,22. After this last word the high Abedam, having reached them, laid His hands on their shoulders and said: „To this Amen also I speak My mighty Amen.

10,23. "Verily, Kisehel, you have become strong and are the mightiest of them all; therefore, you shall be a leader to the rest. You, Sethlahem, shall retain the gift of prophecy; but true as your speech was and in everything to the point, I like Kisehel's speech better because he, more than you, preached the true humility.

10,24. "Behold, you were exalted by your speech, but Kisehel was humbled by his. Who, do you think, came closer to Me?

10,25. "Behold, it is good to speak as you formerly did; but it is not good to talk about oneself. For from where does the one who speaks some truth derive it?

10,26. „Therefore, you must not even rejoice visibly because I gave you more than I gave your brother, lest your brother glorify you instead of Me, for you were only a weak tool of Him Who has called you and to Whom alone all glory is due.

10,27. "Let your greatest glory be your humility and true, inner love for Me; then you will have life.

10,28. "Behold, this is My will. Your word is true and good, being out of Me; but, for the time being, do live according to it, and you will have eternal life. Amen."

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