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108,1. When Adam had heard this from Horadal, he was moved and wept for great joy, so much so that he was trembling all over, unable to utter a single brief word, although he would have loved to do so.

108,2. But Abedam saw what was going on in Adam's heart; and He promptly stepped up to him and said: "Adam, do you still feel inclined to curse these blasphemers?

108,3. "Behold, therefore man shall be extremely sparing with the curse of a judge, but particularly so with that of a father!

108,4. "For who can see My ways and who fathom My counsels?

108,5. "If someone curses events the cause of which he does not understand, does it not easily happen that he curses My great love, mercy, patience, for bearance, goodness, grace, meekness and thus My whole divine order arising from them?

108,6. "What blessing will accrue therefrom for the spirit of the one who has cursed this order?

108,7. "Has not he who through a curse has thus judged My love, mercy, patience, forbearance, goodness, grace and meekness, invited the judgment upon himself, since he has first judged that whereby alone he can take eternal life from Me?

108,8. "What does man possess that he had not first received from My love and mercy, and from where will he take anything unless from My love, mercy and grace?

108,9. "Having first judged My love and separated himself from it forever through a curse, how - tell Me, Adam! -, how shall he continue to draw water from the well which he had first mightily covered with earth, stones, sand and all sorts of rubble?

108,10. “Therefore, no brother should ever judge another, - unless I Myself gave him the explicit order!

108,11. Whoever judges arbitrarily, has passed his own death sentence, having divorced himself from the Life of all life.

108,12. "Suppose someone had become so fiercely enraged against his brother that he wanted to burn down his house during the night and, while setting to his evil task a spark from his torch were to fall on his own house before he could reach with his torch his poor brother's dwelling, - whom will the would-be evil-doer be able to blame, having been robbed by the wicked fire of all his possessions and provisions as well as his dwelling?

108,13. "Look, what I have just shown you by way of example, happens to every wrathful man in his own house spiritually. For, long before he inflicts on his brother the devastating fire of the curse of judgment he has already laid in his own house the devastating fire, which consumes and destroys in him everything he had been endowed with by Me for eternal life.

108,14. "Therefore, let no one curse another because of a sin committed by one brother against another.

108,15. "Instead, let him at all times bless where he wants to curse, and he will always truly judge his brother and himself, not for perdition, but for life eternal.

108,16. "If I had created all things for perdition and final destruction, would I, the eternally holy and endlessly wise God, have acted wisely in ever creating anything?

108,17. "I reckon even the densest and most wicked folly is hardly capable of such a deed, let alone I, Who am a holy, eternal, infinitely wise and most loving God and Father of all My children.

108,18. "Since I have created everything only for eternity, so that not even the slightest thought in the mind of the most humble man may perish, why should you judge one another and be bent on destruction?

108,19. "Therefore, do heed this, Adam, namely, that I alone am the true Judge. You, however, be a true son to Me, who at all times judges as I judge all things, namely,

108,20. "Not through cursing, but through My love, mercy, patience, forbearance, goodness, grace and meekness.

108,21. "Do the same, you and everyone, and you will at all times have eternal life out of Me! Amen

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-108 Chapter