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109,1. After this speech the high Abedam said, turning to Horadal: You, Horadal, having so faithfully preserved in your heart through all the mighty temptations of the serpent and all the world going forth from it the holy spark of Farak, behold, here before you is more than the tiny spark of Farak, an endless sun, - I Myself, to Whom Farak testified, I, the eternal, infinite, almighty God, the great Creator of all things filling the heavens and all the endless spaces of creation from the smallest to the greatest, I, the most holy, greatest, purest, eternal love, I, your alone true Father and that of all Adam's children, Who alone have life and give life out of Me, I, - I - am now standing before you!

109,2. "Since you have faithfully preserved the tiny spark of Farak in your heart and have believed in Him Whom you had not seen and in the secret call within you, not doubting that I made known to you in this secret quiet call My will and, having recognized it within you, promptly and precisely acted accordingly, - in short, say I, since you remained truly faithful to Me in small matters, you will surely from now on remain all the more faithful to Me, for you are now seeing and hearing in person Him, of Whom Farak preached and prophesied to the people in the city of Enoch, - and will therefore have a higher standing with your people than Farak had in the city of Enoch.

109,3. "Horadal, with these words I set you over great things, because you remained faithful to Me in small things, and I appoint you a true teacher and leader of your people.

109,4. "Behold, there are still many blind among them; but with this My living Word you will restore the sight and life to all of them.

109,5. "From now on you shall no longer perceive My actual will in you as softly as you perceived it in the lowlands, but you shall hear it, that is, My will, at all times just as you are perceiving it now, namely, within, without and above you. Even if you will not see Me as you do now, you will at all times hear Me as you do now.

109,6. "Horadal, I tell you, your faith is great; for without a sign - save that concerning My two messengers to you - you believed that it is truly I Who tell you this.

109,7. “Truly, for you the second little sign, namely, the blessing of the food and drink for your people, was unnecessary, for you have long since adhered to Me firmly in your heart, before your eyes beheld My person and your ears heard My fatherly voice.

109,8. "Since you have now seen and heard Me, your God and Father, firmly believing that it is I Who speaks to you, and have asked My permission to love Me because I gave you the three great words, I will now also give you three great signs for a reward; for you have firmly believed that it is truly I, the sole true, eternal, infinite, almighty God, Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all things and the sole true, most loving Father of all men and angels.

109,9. "And these shall be the three great signs: Firstly, that you will find miraculously in the land I have prepared for you and your people everything I have promised you beforehand in the very best order.

109,10. "Secondly, you will, with the future power of your will according to My Word, at all times experience what He can do Who is now revealing, promising and truly giving this to you.

109,11. "And as a third sign My always living Word and the eternal life issuing from it will remain with you.

109,12. "From these three great signs you will then fully recognize My end· less love both for you and for your people and how exceedingly good I, your holy Father, am at all times.

109,13. "And now receive My full blessing, - and then depart.

109,14. "The two messengers will accompany you to the land not far from here between morning and midnight.

109,15. "However, leave your weapons here with Adam for a sign that My fatherly love is greater than all the might of the serpent.

109,16. "And so go in My name, with My blessing! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-109 Chapter