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110,1. After Abedam's speech all the people finally stood up following Horadal's order. And Horadal vowed to be steadfast and faithful to the Lord in everything and with his ten leaders thanked Him from the bottom of his heart.

110,2. Having thanked the Lord for so much grace, love and mercy, he also asked the holy Giver of all good gifts whether he should erect for the people a visible sign in remembrance of this great day of grace and mercy so that they might thereby remember in gratitude the great things He, as the Lord and Father, had done for him and for all the people under his leadership.

110,3. And Abedam replied with the following instructive speech, saying: "Horadal, listen! I commend you for having a true desire to see My name forever glorified with your people. But I tell you: When the people are properly instructed they have in My great creation the greatest number of the most glorious and permanent signs of remembrance.

110,4. "However, if the people are foolish and unaware of the signs wondrously worked by Me day by day before their eyes - truly you can believe it for I am telling you -, they will not take notice of any man-made sign either.

110,5. "If they pay heed to the living signs, say, of what benefit to them should the dead signs be?

110,6. "I am giving you anyway a great sign of remembrance for you and your whole people in that you have My living Word within you in all the might and power of My name. And you can impart it to anyone who seriously strives for the awakening of his spirit and the eternal, imperishable life out of the spirit.

110,7. "What greater things could I give you than what I gave you in the three words, and what more sublime, more glorious and better monument could you erect for Me than the holy, living sign of true love in every man's heart?

110,8. "Therefore, do remain with this sign at all times; and as long as you will remain with this sign, in this sign and this sign in you, I shall always be mighty and active among you as the most perfect sign of remembrance to Myself and thus to any of My acts of love for you and your people.

110,9. "However, if you should let the great sign of true and active love for Me in your heart perish, which sign is the only sign valid before Me, then the great sign of remembrance will disappear from your midst.

110,10. "Should this happen, all other meaningless signs would be of as little benefit to you as those winds which blow with a beneficial effect on other world globes, unnoticed by the earth.

110,11. "Therefore, remain with the sale sign of love! For the latter is the best and always surest reminder of the object one truly loves. Once this has cooled down, the once loved, but in the oblivion of the cold heart no longer loved, object can give suns to the now cold one, but it will be of no avail, for sooner than letting itself be warmed the ice perishes!

110,12. "Just as fire spells death to all matter, the fire of love spells death to those who have forsworn it, when it comes again over them; for they have become cold and frozen to ice.

110,13. "But whoever has well preserved the holy great sign of love in his heart for all Times of times, will forever remain in the fire of life as imperishable as the fire itself in the fire, for fire is life to the fire.

110,14. "Heed this well within you and awaken it in all your people, and you will live and all your people in and with you - and thereby fully in Me and I in them,

110,15. "Do not think that one day is more suitable for this business than another, or that on a certain day someone wanting to approach Me in his heart has first to make Me some offering.

110,16. “O Horadal, do not ever think this! For just as with you people the man in love does not determine for his bride or loving wife the day and the hour when they shall love each other, it is also the case with Me. Whenever someone lifts up his heart to Me it is perfectly agreeable to Me.

110,17. "So also the Sabbath shall be only a day for general instruction, not exclusively a day of My love, to which every day is the same.

110,18. “Therefore, do love Me at all times. But keep the Sabbath as a day of instruction in My love, and you will live forever!

110,19. "And so you can depart in My name. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-110 Chapter