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111,1. After these words Horadal again thanked the high Abedam and then turned to the ten leaders, saying:

111,2. "In the Lord's name go and tell the people to thank the Lord and be ready for departure so that we may still get moving before sundown in the name of our Lord and great God, Who is a true, holy, most loving Father! Amen."

111,3. And the ten leaders promptly went to the people doing what Horadal had ordered them to do according to the Lord's will.

111,4. Within a minute everything was ready for departure. However, when Abedam summoned Kisehel and Sethlahem to lead the people to the land in question, lo and behold, there came hurrying along like a swift bird Lamel, carrying a maiden on his strong arms!

111,5. When he reached Abedam he promptly fell on his knees before Him and, setting the maiden down on the ground, began to speak full of love and humility, after thanking Abedam with a most contrite heart for the happy conclusion of the immensely difficult task.

111,6. And these were his words: "Most holy and loving Father! With Your almighty, holy help I have successfully completed the task, which You set me in my heart.

111,7. "Not a single one of all those whom You had told me through my heart to rescue in Your most holy name stayed behind.

111,8. "But look, O holy, most loving Father, this maiden I did not find in my heart but only met her alone and weeping by a wide brook.

111,9. "When I asked her in her sad situation, saying: 'Poor child, what ails you that you weep so bitterly and tear your hair in despair?',

111,10. “This poor creature heaved a deep sigh and, composing herself, after a short while began to tell me this story:

111,11. "Great man, I, the poorest child of the earth, entreat you for the sake of the great God Whom the noble slain brothers of the exceedingly cruel Lamech still preached to my parents to listen to me!

111,12. "When you have heard all about my most dire predicament briefly, do have mercy on my still young life and kill me!

111,13. "Now listen; this is the story of my very sad life: Despite the most horrible ruling by the greatest of all tyrants my parents were secretly always faithful followers of the great Farak and believed in the great, almighty God he preached.

111,14. "But an evil spirit must have disclosed this to Lamech. He promptly had my dear parents picked up by cruel bailiffs; only I as the only child was left behind in the house.

111,15. It was not long and these bailiffs returned my poor parents to the house. Here they had to disrobe. When both were standing there, naked, pale and trembling all over, the bailiffs seized first the poor mother and laid her on the ground. Then, seizing her tender hands, they stretched them out on the ground and drove strong pointed nails through the palms.

111,16. "The same thing they did with her feet. Her great suffering and wailing made no impression on the monsters.

111,17. What they did to the poor, poor mother, the same they promptly did to the father as soon as they had done with the mother.

111,18. After this most abominable act, each of the bailiffs, having first put a coarse rock under her (that is, the mother's) back so that she was stretched out like a string on a board, satisfied his truly satanic lust!

111,19. "After this abomination they cut open their bellies, put me between them and tried to force me to put out the eyes of the parents while all the time praising the God Lamech.

111,20. "At this point I collapsed and lost consciousness and was brought here and, as you can see, tied to this stake to perish by hunger.

111,21. I do not know what further happened to my poor, most unfortunate parents. But it is certain that they were exposed to more tortures and in the end burnt to death in their house.

111,22. "Now you know everything and can do with me what you like; only do not leave me alive in this place!’. -

111,23. "Holy Father, behold, this report was the reason why I brought here one child more than those that were counted in my heart.

111,24. "For I have never felt such great pity for anyone as for this poor child.

111,25. “Therefore, You will surely forgive me for going beyond your command. For what I thereby saved from certain death I faithfully brought here as an offering for You.

111,26. “O Father, do receive it graciously!" - But Abedam promptly bent down to Lamel, lifted him up from the ground and said to him:

111,27. "Lamel, I tell you: Behold, having done this you have done more than you ever did throughout your whole life.

111,28. "But let us first allow all the people to depart to their destined land and then I will turn to this poor child so it shall compose itself a little at first; then I shall certainly do the best for it and for you. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-111 Chapter