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112,1. Having given this short promise to Lamel, the high Abedam promptly turned to Kisehel and Sethlahem and said:

112,2. "Listen! Just as you led Horadal's people to this place, go now and lead them to the land, which I have held in readiness for these people since the beginning of the time of the earth. For I have known for a long time, indeed I knew from eternity and know always what I will and shall do, and no one except Me knows what is My intention from eternity.

112,3. “Therefore, go and lead these people to the place I have destined for them.

112,4. "My spirit within you will tell you the spot to which you have to lead the people.

112,5. "When, soon, you will have reached the spot, bless for them also the land and their new dwellings which are of the same kind as the ones here on the height.

112,6. "After you have done all this, return promptly to this place lest you miss the evening meal; and so go now. Amen."

112,7. Having been told this, the two thanked Abedam for this gracious commission and then set upon their task immediately.

112,8. But Horadal, almost expiring with gratitude, was already prepared for departure with his people.

112,9. So, when the two after a few paces had reached him, they immediately set out and all moved along happily following the leaders.

112,10. When these people departed Adam, weeping, sent one blessing after another after almost every one of their steps.

112,11. Abedam, noticing this, commended him and then added: "Adam, if instead of uttering many a curse over the lowlands you had always acted as you are doing now in the spirit of My love and mercy, truly, the plains and deep valleys of the earth would not have turned into hell!

112,12. "However, you have always felt more justification in cursing than in love, with the result that the people in the lowlands behave as you have just heard from the mouth of Lamel, in a manner the living proof of which is lying here at My feet.

112,13. “O Adam, for all you could have spared Me and the whole of creation!

112,14. "But, since you have always preferred cursing to blessing, lo, these are the results before you and Me, which will stick to the earth to the end of its existence.

112,15. "Verily, I tell you, great and harsh as your first main error was when you forgot My commandment and let yourself be enchanted and thoroughly deceived by your own serpent so that thereby heaven and earth were turned upside down, yet all this could have been more easily rectified than the fact that you so often because of Cain's crime cursed the miserable lowlands.

112,16. "I tell you: Cain's deed was very evil, yet it was hardly a dewdrop in relation to the whole ocean, compared with what you attempted against Me right in the beginning when you tried to rise above My head as a master!

112,17. "Can you ever charge Me with having cursed you for it?

112,18. "Of course, My untouchable holiness, so harshly violated by you, cursed the ground of the earth to bear you thorns and thistles;

112,19. "But My great love for you soon lifted the curse off the ground of the earth, so that - as you have long since noticed everywhere - it blossomed into a new garden for you.

112,20. "While I am taking the curse from the earth, lo and behold, you have been busy cursing all the plains and valleys and all their inhabitants, with the result that even now during your lifetime fruits the new living proof of which you see here at My feet are sprouting from the ground cursed by you!

112,21. "In Farak I sent an angel blessed by Me to the lowlands as a leader. Instead of cursing, could you not have done the same in My name?

112,22. "And the lowlands then blossomed more gloriously than these heights!

112,23. “O Adam, Adam! Have a good look at this maiden lying at My feet, who is purer in her heart than the midday sun.

112,24. "What has now happened to her parents as a result of your curse, behold, it will also happen one day to the son of a virgin whom I shall enliven with the spirit of this one lying at My feet.

112,25. "Do realize what you have done here with your curse! But this is how it is; so let us care for the future - and if possible forget the abomination of the past.

112,26. "Adam, retract all your curses and instead give blessing. Give My blessing instead; for every evil deed was your work from the beginning. So do no longer curse henceforth, but bless everything! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-112 Chapter