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114,1. When Adam had heard these words of Abedam he again repented deeply in his heart only now realizing how matters stood with him and his order and how differently matters stood with the order of Jehovah, Who now in the person of Abedam proclaimed His eternal order to him visibly.

114,2. Realizing this, he threw himself down on his face before Abedam and began uttering the following words imploringly from his innermost heart:

114,3. “O Jehovah, You exceedingly holy Father, in Abedam visible before me, behold, here two Adams are lying before You in the dust of their utter nothingness; one is a common, but the other merely a special, segregated Adam.

114,4. “O Jehovah, You most holy Father! Do graciously relieve me of the common one and allow me to live out my remaining time to myself in a manner pleasing to You!

114,5. "For only now do I realize clearly that I would not ever be capable of leading back the common Adam onto the road of Your eternal, holy order although I alone turned him onto the road of perdition and destruction.

114,6. “Therefore, look upon me most graciously as the simple person lying before You in the dust of nothingness and lift him up to the light and thus to oneness with You!

114,7. "As far as my erstwhile commonness is concerned, graciously take this heavy load from me and do with this my commonness as it may please You.

114,8. "O Jehovah, if only You took it upon Your shoulder!

114,9. "Your holy Will be done at all times and forever. Amen."

114,10. While Adam was saying this the natural sun went down, but Abedam let Adam see another sun rise in his innermost and showed him a radiant woman standing on the sun, crushing under her feet the head of a serpent coiled around the entire sun.

114,11. But Abedam promptly bent down to Adam, touched him and told him to rise. And when Adam had finally stood up, Abedam again grasped his hand and said to him:

114,12. "Adam, what did you see just now?" And Adam replied:

114,13. "O Jehovah, I saw a new sun rise within me, - but in spite of its heavenly beauty it was almost completely encircled by a powerful serpent.

114,14. “Thereupon I saw a tall, luminous woman appear on this sun. This woman was not afraid of the serpent and therefore trod mightily on the head of the same.

114,15. "However, since the serpent tried to overpower the strong woman and bite her in the heel, behold, the woman flung an apple onto the head of the serpent; but the serpent grabbed the apple and dug its fangs into it."

114,16. Here Adam fell silent, beat his own breast three times vigorously and then added:

114,17. "O Jehovah, this was my great sin before You."

114,18. But Abedam said to him: "Adam, that for which you asked before, I have already done in the manner you saw it within you.

114,19. "Behold, now the common Adam has been taken from you completely and you are like any child out of you.

114,20. “Therefore, do care from now on for this latter part of your life, living a modest life in My order and fatherly love.

114,21. "As concerns the common Adam, behold, I, the Sun of all the heavens and cosmic suns and worlds, have taken him upon Myself, as you have seen when the serpent encircled My sun.

114,22. “This maiden here from the lowlands is the woman whom you saw stand on the serpent crushing the serpent's head.

114,23. "Yet you must not look at her body, but at her soul and its spirit.

114,24. "This maiden suffered more in the lowlands than any human being has ever suffered. Therefore, one-day compensation shall be made through her, the magnitude of which will make the whole of infinity tremble with awe.

114,25. "Do grasp this well, you, now a simple Adam; for this will come to pass verily, verily, verily! - Do understand it. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-114 Chapter