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115,1. After this speech by Abedam, Adam and all those present were so moved that they began to weep, full of the most ardent love and profound true gratitude until, finally, Adam loudly exclaimed:

115,2. "O man, O man! What could you have been to the love of the eternally holy Father, had not your own free will made you unholy before Him!

115,3. "How endlessly good You are, O holy Father, - and how deeply must we have fallen before You that Your eternal love was compelled, and able, to save us only by means of an endlessly great mercy!

115,4. "Yes, - only now, now do I realize what You, O most holy Father, have done, are doing and will forever be doing for us!

115,5. "Let me shout that all the poles may hear my voice; let me proclaim, let me proclaim like cosmic thunder to all creatures, all worlds and all heavens, the endlessly great things the Lord, the infinitely holy God, has done for us sinners who have fallen so endlessly deep before Him!

115,6. "Do listen, all you heavens, you sun, you moon and you earth, hear it from my mouth:

115,7. "God, the eternal, the infinite, the holy, almighty God - O heart, you my heart, do not make my voice fail me now; let me now shout with all my strength! - He, He, before Whom thousand times thousand years are like the most fleeting moment, -. He, before Whose breath all the endless spaces tremble and infinities sink back into nothingness in sheer awe, - He, Who with one glance can make and unmake thousand times thousand suns, - He, He Himself, forgetting His endless holiness, has looked upon us, the most unworthy creatures, from His most holy profundity. Because through our own immense wickedness we have fallen so deeply from and before Him He wants to show us His great mercy and has filled the whole of infinity with countless steps by which we may climb again up to Him!

115,8. "However, to His endless love and mercy this road appeared far too difficult for the fallen. Therefore, forgetting His endless holiness even more, on the wide wings of His almightiness He personally descended through all the endless stages down to us, as He is here before us, a man just like us in color and form, first, to spare us the forever not quite climbable road and then to become for us, the lowest of all His creatures, who have in our wickedness deliberately turned from Him, for us alone who have fallen so deeply, the highest, the unimaginable -

115,9. "Hear it, hear it, all you eons of the life gone forth from Him! -, to become for us - O God, O God, O God! You great, holy God, my weak mortal tongue hardly dares utter it! - to become for us Sinners of sinners a sale true, most loving, all merciful, holy Father!

115,10. "Not enough with being, as He is now before us, a Father, but - as my spirit comprehends it, one day out of His immense love for us, the very lowest, to assume the then everlasting, sinful form of our flesh in which we have fallen before Him, the eternal Holy One, so as to draw us even closer to Him, - to become for us a Savior, a Guide, a most wise Brother!

115,11. "No, no, no, this is too much! -- Abedam! Abedam! Abedam! You endlessly holy, most loving Father! Who, and what, are we for You to be so incomprehensibly gracious towards us, who are surely the most worthless throughout Your whole infinity! -"

115,12. Here the high Abedam interrupted Adam and said to him: "Listen, Adam, at long last you realize Who I am and what I do.

115,13. "I tell you: From now on stay as you are, and you already have eternal life within you.

115,14. "In your glory you were once called to become to My heart a lovable brother, a playmate and intimate companion to My eternal, infinite perfections.

115,15. "Since, however, in the great simplicity of your being which had issued from Me, as the spiritual Adam you did not want to become this for Me, you shall yet become for Me in all your children that for which My heart once longingly called you forth in all your glory.

115,16. "Do you understand this? -- Behold, this is why I am doing all this and, as once to the greatest, I have now forever turned My heart to the least, so as to raise it above all. - But no more of this!

115,17. "Since night has fallen, let us go home to those who are already waiting for us, full of longing.

115,18. "And you, Lamel, take the maiden and carry her before Me as a great sign of victory. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-115 Chapter