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120,1. When the carriers - and quite clearly also Pura - had heard this testimony from Abedam's own mouth the carriers promptly fell down to the ground in awe as though eternal death and an all-devastating judgment had overtaken them.

120,2. For they were aware of many a little transgression committed and, remembering from some strict lessons by Adam, Seth and Enos that the almighty, most holy Jehovah would certainly appear one day and sit in a most harsh judgment, destroying and annihilating all disobedience in the most terrible and all-destructive fire of His endless wrath, they were now completely devastated.

120,3. For the brief revealing to them of Myself could only mean that I had now come to enact this terrible judgment.

120,4. And, as mentioned before, conscious of some little transgressions and trembling all over, in their imagination they saw themselves soon seized by the horrific fire of the wrath of judgment, which would painfully consume them forever.

120,5. And soon they began to virtually howl and utterly lament, and only the former spokesman was still capable of stuttering:

120,6. "Oh how - good - and how much - better - we would be - off, had we never been born!"

120,7. Then he too fell silent and, like the rest of them, awaited the thundering word of judgment.

120,8. The behavior of these ten carriers greatly embarrassed the steadfast Pura who was quite lovesick for Me so that she turned timidly to Me saying, as though questioningly:

120,9. "O You, if You are the One Whom Seth on the height saluted in the greatest reverence and Who just revealed Himself loudly and most clearly before the ten carriers so that I too no longer hesitate to fully acknowledge You as the One revealed by Yourself before me, a poor maiden, and these ten carriers, - I beg You for the sake of Your infinite holiness to allow me to leave You; for I am too unholy to rest on Your super-holy hands.

120,10. "For now I believe it firmly within that You are the One Whose name to utter no human tongue is worthy, although, owing to Farak's teaching, I had a totally different notion of You, as of an invisible, endless fire.

120,11. "So be now gracious and merciful to me and do no longer allow me to desecrate Your hands.

120,12. "Yet Your most holy will be done now as forever."

120,13. After these words Abedam said to Pura: "Well, you My chosen one, do you want to love Me less now that you have recognized Me, than previously when you had not?

120,14. "Did I change towards you because I revealed Myself to you?

120,15. "Have you never noticed during a thunderstorm that many a cloud looks terribly dangerous in the distance? Yet when it comes along it brings with its from afar so menacing-looking face nothing but a blissful rain, which fructifies and refreshes the soil dried out by the sun's wisdom rays, and the almost completely withered grass.

120,16. "Behold, the same applies here: Up till now you have always seen Me only from a great distance, full of presentiment, and that in the fire of the most devastating judgment, - but you have never suspected and even less imagined Me as the most loving Father. This is why you are now, like the ten carriers, full of fear and anxiety.

120,17. "If I were the One as Whom you have hitherto known Me according to the presently already very reviled teaching of Farak in the lowlands, would I want to carry you on My hands out of My fatherly love?

120,18. “Therefore, realize in your heart that I am not only Jehovah, the almighty God and Creator of all things, but in relation to you rather the sole true, holy, most loving Father, Who does not seek to ever judge anyone towards perdition, but as the alone true Father only wishes to restore everyone towards life eternal.

120,19. "Behold, if I wanted to judge My feet would not need to touch the earth visibly, for My slightest thought would suffice to destroy all works in the whole of infinity in a moment!

120,20. "Having come to you visibly, I did come only to seek what is lost and to revive what is dead.

120,21. "So do love Me even more rather than less because you have now recognized Me knowing that I alone am the most loving Father.

120,22. "Therefore, let there be no difference between us, but let us be united in love forever.

120,24. Thereupon the ten stood up, took their baskets and followed Him to the height And they were ashamed because of their gross foolishness for which they asked Abedam's forgiveness.

120,25. And Pura nestled even more lovingly against the most holy breast of the now recognized exceedingly good Father.

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