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123,1. After these words the high Abedam turned to Seth and said to him: "Brother of love, you know how dear you are to Me. Therefore, you shall have no qualms whatsoever to ask Me the question which is in your heart.

123,2. "For if I accept the world's children as My children and do to them what they ask Me to do, how much more shall I do this to you, who are a true brother of My love. So give voice to that which bothers your heart."

123,3. At this gracious bidding Seth moved closer and said: "O You exceedingly good, holy Father, I thank you with all my strength that You have now relieved my heart; for truly, I was lost not knowing how to find my way out of this thicket.

123,4. "But now everything has been cleared, with You shining before me as a glorious way out.

123,5. "And so I joyfully open my heart and reveal through my mouth in this hour what has begun to weigh me down almost since Your first discussion with the most glorious Pura.

123,6. "And this is the dark burden of my heart: You have made a promise to this child which, no matter how I look at it, I have to interpret as follows:

123,7. "Namely, that one day You will, foregoing Your infinite holiness so to speak, through the almightiness of Your love beget Yourself into the body of this very maiden as a child - as a man of flesh and blood.

123,8. "And this troubles me since on the one hand I can only attach this meaning to Your most holy words, - but on the other hand I am appalled at the thought which seems to me to be a sheer and utter impossibility.

123,9. "For -- thinking in a natural way - it is surely sheer folly to consider it feasible putting a cedar into a straw, or moving a mountain into the egg of a gnat, or maybe comprise the whole ocean in the hollow shell of a hazelnut, and other things of the kind.

123,10. "Yet according to Your words one day this maiden shall conceive You, the infinite God, for You to clothe Yourself in her with flesh and blood!

123,11. You, Who carry and rule the whole of infinity through Your most infinite Spirit, should have room with this Spirit in the body of such a child?

123,12. "No, no, - truly it is a mere drivel. I will rather comprehend if someone told me: 'An atom can comprise the whole earth within it!', than that the body of such a maiden should comprise You in all the fullness of Your infinite Spirit.

123,13. "Therefore, I ask You from the bottom of my heart to tell me as well as all the others how this is to be understood. Your holy will be done always and forever. Amen."

123,14. Thereupon the high Abedam grasped Seth's hand and gave him this answer:

123,15. "Seth, what a very poor opinion you have of Me! Behold, if things were as you think they are, how could My infinite Spirit ever have created something finite - yet hiding in the finite the whole of infinity?

123,16. "Remember the visions of the twelve messengers and realize all the things they found and beheld within themselves.

123,17. "Consider that in the smallest seed of a cedar is hidden not only the tree which you see spreading out before you, but an infinite number of such trees, - in a hazelnut so many hazelnuts that, unless they were dissolved again, in two thousand years already they would occupy more space than the whole earth itself.

123,18. "Behold, if this is possible to Me, and a great deal more, which would be still infinitely more incomprehensible to you if you knew it, I should certainly be capable of doing that which you now consider so utterly impossible.

123,19. "But you and all the others shall know that the promise must not be understood in the sense that one day this very same maiden will return to the earth from the heavens to conceive Me in the flesh and blood, but for this purpose there will be available another virgin. However, that one will have the same spirit of love and faith as this maiden has.

123,20. 'Thus this maiden will not have to go into the world again, but another virgin will be enlivened with the very same spirit.

123,21. “This is how you all have to understand this.

123,22. "For behold, with Me many things are possible which with you people are even unthinkable.

123,23. "So believe firmly in My words; for as I am telling you it will happen inevitably. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-123 Chapter