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124,1. When Seth had heard this he became exceedingly glad and thanked, praised and glorified the high Abedam with all his strength.

124,2. And Abedam said to him: "Seth, you dear brother of My heart's love, I only look at your heart, -. this is completely sufficient for Me; of this you can be assured and can rejoice.

124,3. "But as far as your loud words of praise are concerned you may forget them. For you can believe Me when I tell you: The praise of the heart is to Me more sensible than that of the tongue.

124,4. "Whenever the heart prays, the mouth shall not interfere lest it cloud that which, like a pure spring, comes from the heart.

124,5. The praise of the tongue sounds before the world; but the praise of the heart reaches the ears of My heart.

124,6. “Therefore, you can for now well spare the futile work to your mouth; for I hear every sound of your heart.

124,7. "Whoever needs the mouth, let him anyway use it before the world and before his brothers. But before Me, nobody shall use anything else but the heart. Amen."

124,8. Then He turned to Enoch and said to him, as it were asking: "Enoch! Do you already know everything, no longer finding anything within you on which you need some enlightenment from Me?

124,9. "I can see your heart chew over something to you indigestible; what is it - why do you not dare say it for the sake of the brothers?

124,10. "I tell you: Do not hold back anything but deliver up, return what is not yet ripe as a food for your spirit, and I will cook it tender on the great hearth of My fatherly love for a very strengthening food for your hungry spirit as well as that of everybody else. Amen."

124,11. Here Enoch, too, moved closer and said, deeply moved: “O You exceedingly good, holy, most loving Father! It is true, my spirit seeks light within on the obstacles mentioned by You, reflecting on the constantly ruminating monster Nature; but there I can nowhere find an answer.

124,12. "For although I now see quite clearly that everything exists only through obstacles and therefrom resulting limitations, I can still not see why, for the sake of existing, almost everything should meet in deadly combat.

124,13. "Why the constant friction, destruction and annihilation?

124,14. "If thereby something new emerges, it must nevertheless be again destroyed to be followed by something else of its kind.

124,15. "Behold, there is the empty spot in my heart which is still completely without light.

124,16. "O Father, light it up with Your grace, love and mercy; Your holy will be done. Amen."

124,17. And the high Abedam opened His mouth and said to Enoch: Yes, you say it and so it is, for everything passes and blows by with the velocity of a gale; and rarely does anything last its full lifespan in full vigor but is only too often swept away by the destructive current, submerged, smashed against the rocks and, finally, swallowed up by the great vortex into the bottomless abyss of destruction.

124,18. You also think: 'There is not a moment which would not constantly consume you and everything around you belonging to you, - not a moment where you are, indeed obviously have to be, a destroyer.

124,19. "'The most harmless, innocent step of a happy wanderer maybe blots out the life of more than a thousand poor little worms.

124,20. "How often has my heel shattered a laboriously built dwelling of ants thus stamping a small world into a humiliating grave.

124,21. "How often have the finest fruits, displayed like a band of light in the sky, hanging from the majestic tree in the light of the sun, been crushed by my teeth. How many of the most glorious little flowers have been crushed by my feet, - and yet they come again. Other ants build another house laboriously, but never ever those for whom my step has prepared an eternal grave! Where, where did they go?

124,22. "A gentle breeze moves through the leaves of the tree. They move as though lively and gay; yet in the midst of this joy hundreds fall from the branches.

124,23. "Where to, where to?, I ask. No answer is given me by the fallen; for already a vortex of destruction has swallowed them!'

124,24. You also say: 'It is not the great suffering of things, not the floods hollowing out the rocks, not the great earthquakes by which mountains are reduced to dust that move me, but my own heart undermines me with the all-devastating force hidden everywhere in the nature of things and which calls nothing into existence save that which would again destroy itself or what is around it.'

124,25. "And harboring such thoughts you reel about, full of fear, and heaven and earth around you, and you call out in this your fear:

124,26. No matter how I look around, I can see nothing anywhere in the nature of things but a self-destructive monster swallowing everything and then chewing the cud!'

124,27. "It is true, I cannot refute it and say: 'Enoch, you wrong Me with your thoughts,' for it looks so to the eye and the intellect; but behold, it is different with the heart!

124,28. "What are the things? - 'I11ey are intervals of My great thoughts. It is My own living will that opposes them. Only through this obstacle do they make their visible appearance.

124,29. "Yet when My love is coupled with My will, it is said: 'Oh do not put limits to the great flight of Your freest thoughts, but allow them to again float freely in the great orbits of Your eternal life in the perfect awareness of their living strength out of You.'

124,30. "Behold, having mitigated the obstacle of My will, I then give again free rein to My thoughts and you see the things perish; however, they do not cease to exist but only return to the fundamental existence, to the true, free, indestructible existence.

124,31. "Then, out of many small thoughts I again create a great, living, free one, which must then resemble Me, when it again becomes what it was originally in and out of Me.

124,32. "Therefore, do no longer worry about the outward transitoriness, but remember: Everything which ceases to exist always enters into another, more perfect, existence, right up to man, and from there again back to Me.

124,33. “Thus, nothing is lost forever, not even your slightest thoughts.

124,34. "So comprehend this well all of you, and be always of good cheer in Me. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-124 Chapter