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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-125 Chapter


125,1. After these words by Abedam, Enoch stood up and exclaimed in a loud voice: "Listen, listen, all you dead, all who are still stuck in the clefts, chasms and depths of the earth, - indeed, the whole of creation's dead, do come here!

125,2. "And you all, in whose veins there only flows a weak, feeble life, - and you, too, heavily laden and exhausted under many a pressure of the heavy burden of your feeble life, - do come here all of you! Here you will find the most sublime life in abundance!

125,3. "O words, words! What kind of words are, were these?

125,4. "O Abedam, You most holy God and Father! Now You have given an everlasting life also to the center point of the earth, to the mountains, the sea and to everything that was somehow without life!

125,5. What can, what should still remain in death where the primordial eternal, most holy Life of all life proclaims such words of this very life?

125,6. "Father, You exceedingly holy Father, to You alone forever all gratitude, all honor, all worship, all praise, all love, all glory, all fame, and from the whole of infinity the most implicit obedience in all the loyalty of love. For You alone are in eternity worthy of receiving all this from us, as well as from the whole of infinity!

125,7. "Oh how lively and bright it has now become in all parts of my heart and how ethereally light and well in all my entrails!

125,8. "O you Life of life, how sweet you are. What bliss it is to feel you in the fullness of all your might and strength!

125,9. "O brothers, O fathers, O children! Life's bliss is great when the Holy One lives in us a free life. But to him who wants to live his own life, which is dark in all threads and fibers, it is a great, unbearable burden.

125,10. “Therefore, let everyone live a perfect life which does justice to love so that he may taste the true life out of God in its endless abundance.

125,11. "For there is nothing greater than life - and nothing more wonderful and divinely sublime than alone life.

125,12. "So let us all enjoy life in gratitude, we who did not exist, yet are now here in the sight of Him Who has been there eternally, is now, and will forever be, and has created us and now given us true life, indeed, the life which He Himself has lived from eternity to eternity in and out of Himself in His divine holiness and endless abundance and perfection.

125,13. "So rejoice in this life which He has now given to us all!

125,14. "Of what benefit would the sun be if there were no life outside of Him, able to behold and feel it and enjoy the glorious emanations of its rays?

125,15. "Of what benefit would be the earth with all that there is on and in it; of what the whole sky with its lightful stellar worlds; indeed, of what infinity itself, if outside of Him there were no other life recognizing Him, Who has put it freely outside of Himself to enjoy everything He created for it?

125,16. "Therefore, rejoice in life, you entire infinity, as I am rejoicing in the same. For we all have received it from Him, yes from Him, not as a burden but as a most wondrous Bliss of all bliss. For what would all beatitudes mean without this one; who would want to appease himself without it?

125,17. "This supreme bliss He has given us. Therefore, let our great joy in life, as always and forever, be sacrificed to Him, the Giver, as a most fitting thanksgiving! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-125 Chapter