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128,1. Several people had heard the senseless lamentation of Enos and did not know what to make of it.

128,2. Even Adam began to be highly amazed at such thoughts on the part of his grandson.

128,3. The other Abedam, who was still in the Lord's vicinity, now stepped up to Him and said, frightened:

128,4. "O You exceedingly holy and loving Father! What on earth is this? No - truly, I would have expected any other thoughts rather than this one in a man:

128,5. “That a man could, in Your presence, curse life in himself and in all brothers and instead ask You for complete, eternal death!

128,6. "No, this would even be too much for a dream, - and he is capable of saying it openly?

128,7. "Instead of being eternally thankful to You for his life, for this infinite, miraculous gift of Your grace and mercy, he repudiates it in a manner which so far has not had its like.

128,8. "He is not blind; for, if he were, how could he have described in this condition so vividly and clearly the tribulations of life?

128,9. "Neither is he a fool; for a fool cannot possibly compare so lucidly the advantages of non-existence with the disadvantages of all life.

128,10. "Also, he is by no means wicked; for he curses no one, not even his greatest enemy, namely, life, and merely wants to be rid of it, if that were possible.

128,11. "Was his heart maybe made angry about something?

128,12. “That, too, does not really seem to be the case; for he wishes for all only what he recognizes for himself to be the best and most advantageous, calling only him blind and foolish who wishes for the life he considers the greatest calamity for himself.

128,13. "Let understand this who can; but I for one would rather understand it if someone told me: The whole earth consists of nothing but snails and the sun of glowworms and rotten wood!', than that which Enos has uttered previously.

128,14. "In truth, in very truth, Lord and most holy Father! If I were in Your place - forgive me my persistent foolishness! -, I would not know what to do with such a man. For if I acceded to his desire, all my love, grace and mercy would be of no avail whatsoever, because for him who does not exist, also all love, grace and mercy are as good as nothing.

128,15. "If, however, I preserve him, this can certainly only be achieved by way of judgment, but what is then a judged spirit, what his life!

128,16. "A perforce enlivened substantial machine without any freedom, perpetually in conflict within, - a being without existence, a life without life.

128,17. "Truly, this is a critical situation if ever there was one.

128,18. "How can a man ever be capable of such a thought?

128,19. "No, to consider life the greatest calamity, but complete death the greatest bliss, is too much for my poor soul to take in all at once!

128,20. "Lord, Father, Abedam, give me only two little words to calm me down!

128,21. "For never has anything agitated and worried me as this senseless shrewd confession by Enos. So help me out of this thicket in accordance with Your holy will."

128,22. 'Thereupon the high Abedam said to the other Abedam: "I tell you, leave the matter alone for the time being; everything will be all right, and you with all the others will be given the true light at the right time.

128,23. "But one thing I must tell you at once, namely: If you were in My place - should this be possible - with your outstanding wisdom such people bent on death would fare very badly.

128,24. "But then My wisdom is again far more indifferent, taking the matter not so badly and painstakingly as does yours.

128,25. "This is why I shall find far more easily than you a suitable remedy which will put Enos right.

128,26. "So be quite unconcerned and at rest; for it is not such a great matter if the sleepy rather sleeps than wakes.

128,27. "But once he has slept his fill and is awake, ask him what he prefers, being asleep or serenely awake!

128,28. "So set your mind at rest; should My wisdom here not be sufficient, I shall come to you for advice.

128,29. "Until then, as I said, set your mind at rest. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-128 Chapter