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129,1. This short promise was sufficient to set at rest again not only the other Abedam's mind, but also the minds of all the others.

129,2. When everything was thus again in order, the high Abedam summoned Kenan and said to him:

129,3. "Kenan, you well-prepared poet of My days, for quite some time I have been beholding a good song in your soul and I see that you are hard -pressed to recite it in praise of Me. Behold, now is the time for it, and so recite it. Amen."

129,4. This request to Kenan was more than if I had suddenly promoted him to the first light-angel of all the heavens, and so he promptly began to recite the following long-harbored song of praise which ran thus:

129,5. "Holy Father, You eternal love, You eternal God, You, a Lord of all strength and might and power, what endless fullness of life in purest love You are!

129,6. "O You holy Life, You purest bliss of all beings, men and angels, You are too sublime, too majestic, too blissful to be praised by the human tongue and glorified fittingly with our bawling words!

129,7. "So do accept also this my song of praise as it is, a nothing before You like he who is offering it to You for Your glorification.

129,8. "Life, life, how sweet is life, how wondrously glorious for him who enjoys it in dignity and gratitude just as Your endless love, O holy Father, faithfully gave it to him.

129,9. "What endless freedom, what fullness in every thought and every perception and turn of the spirit, free of any coercion and pressure!

129,10. "Where is the place, indeed, where some point in endless space which would remain alien to my spirit, invisible and incomprehensible in all its parts?

129,11. "Where shines the sun, where shimmers from endless distances a faintest ray of its radiant being, attainable to my spirit only after long eons?

129,12. "O men, O brothers and fathers and children! Do try it once, - look back there, deep at the end of the firmament, a tiny star shimmering quietly!

129,13. “Try to reach it with your spirit, then watch how long your spiritual effort took, - and I say: Suddenly you will have it and deep within behold the most glorious wonders of the sweetest light.

129,14. "A dot only to the material eye, but how great it is to the spirit, to the life out of God. A mighty sun, full of the wonders of the life of the holy Father's love.

129,15. "Oh look, how freely and easily the eternal spirit of our hearts, this wondrous life in us, has vanquished all the endless spaces. There he stood, a mighty hero in an awesome depth, and watched in holy awe the tiny shimmering dot grow into an unspeakably majestic sun, full of the living wonders of the holy Father's love!

129,16. "Oh what is life? - You divine life, you behold and think and feel the wonders of divine goodness; and here in the endless abundance of wonders you are the greatest of wonders yourself, beholding and feeling and loving the Father, the eternal, infinite, almighty Creator before you and in you!

129,17. "O glorious life, what a holy gift you are to the one who from nothingness came into existence and blissfully enjoys life, yes eternal life before Him Who with unspeakable love created it out of Himself for eternal duration!

129,18. "O fathers and brothers and children, here He is, the Father, the holy Giver of life; let us fall down before Him, the Creator, the holy Father, and in the purest love of our hearts thank and praise Him, Who so lovingly gave us the glorious, holy life of love out of Him!

129,19. "Say Amen with me all you fathers and brothers and children!

129,20. "And You, O my holy Father, accept graciously this poor little song as if it were something before You, and let me at all times praise and glorify the glorious life of love out of You.

129,21. "O You holy Father, all honor and praise be to You forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-129 Chapter