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130,1. When Kenan had thus finished his song, Abedam offered him His hand and said to him:

130,2. "Kenan, behold the pledge of My loyalty - this hand here; it is an eternal-infinite twig, even a strong branch of the love within Me, or Love itself in action.

130,3. "I am extending it to you and with it the Life of all life; take it and live forever.

130,4. "Only now have you become a master of your body and can now go in and out in this your earthly house at your pleasure.

130,5. "If you want to remain in it out of love for Me and your loved ones, I tell you, you are free to do so.

130,6. "However, if you prefer to leave the body either forever or merely temporarily, - behold, also this is your completely free choice.

130,7. "For truly, I tell you, from now on you will no longer see, feel or taste death; for life is a master of death, not vice versa.

130,8. "How should death ever become a master of life since it is devoid of all freedom and thus only a life imprisoned by a free life, tightly shackled in all parts of its being?

130,9. "The life of the body is death, or life that is shackled or deprived of all freedom.

130,10. "Consequently, whoever, like you, has vanquished the same in his flesh and subdued it in all its parts, has not he become a true master over all death?

130,11. "If, then, he has become a master over death, and that completely from the small toe to the crown of his head, how should he ever taste, feel, and see death?

130,12. "I tell all of you: He whose eyes have been strengthened so that they can see revealed all the things endlessly far removed from death, his weak eye, having no notion of what and how they are as such, already beholds all this completely out of his life and really in his very life.

130,13. Whoever can do this in and out of himself, surely cannot do it out of his death, but only out of his life.

130,14. "How sure he is then also of life, having thereby become life himself!

130,15. "So also you, My beloved Kenan, be completely sure of life, which you have become yourself through your love for Me and thus for the only true life.

130,16. "For from now on no eternity will be able to deprive you of it because, as I mentioned before, you yourself have now become a life out of Me.

130,17. "Just as I am a Lord over all life and thus even more over all death, also you and everyone like you is a complete lord over his life out of Me and, thus, even more so over death itself.

130,18. "But which of you has ever observed that the dust lying on the road and on the fields had aroused a wind?

130,19. "If it could do that, you would often have observed it in your well closed chambers where not seldom there is a great amount of dust.

130,20. "However, when the free wind comes, it lifts the dust from the roads and fields, whirling the same where it goes and wishes, for it is a free force, and the dust cannot obstruct its way or bring it to a standstill.

130,21. "But the wind can drop the dust where and when it wishes!

130,22. "Look, exactly the same applies to life; freely, and wherever it goes, everywhere and in all its parts, it reigns supreme over death.

130,23. "It can stimulate death into life, too; but it can drop it just as freely as stimulate the same to life.

130,24. “Thus you are also in this manner a master over your flesh.

130,25. "For as long as you will stimulate the same to live with you, it will do so.

130,26. "If you want to relinquish it temporarily or forever, you are also free to do so, for you have now become a complete life and as such will remain perfect now and forevermore! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-130 Chapter