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135,1. When Mahalaleel had heard this lesson from the high Abedam he was quite contented, thanked with a moved heart and wanted to go; but Abedam said to him:

135,2. "Mahalaleel, I tell you, stay here; for your heart is not fully illumined concerning your question. As you are at the present you may still fall into many an error. So you shall have still more light.

135,3. "Look, you are in agreement with all I told you in answer to your question. But within yourself you still fail to see why I called the blind procreation taking place against My order sinful, and I will now show you also the reason for this.

135,4. “This is as follows: Everything that is called soul, filling in its free state the whole infinite space and in the realm of spirits forming a habitable basis for the countless hosts of angels and spirits of all kinds, are My free, not yet fixed thoughts. These My always living thoughts fill not only the aforementioned, but they are also the living vessels or carriers of the life of all beings out of Me.

135,5. "Now pay attention: If I want to catch, and then hold on to, one of My thoughts, I seize it with love. Once this has occurred, the thought seized by My love can no longer, like the countless others not seized, rise to the infinite spheres of My actual divine being and action, but stays as it were before Me as a permanent, living form. If this form is to be endowed with self-awareness, it is not only seized but also fully permeated by My love.

135,6. "Thereby occurs an urging and a friction between the form and love. Now what is the natural consequence of this urging?

135,7. "Nothing else but that the form, under pressure from love in all its parts, begins to resist love's possessiveness.

135,8. "Besides, since with each coercion and urging in every perfect form the most stress surely is exerted in the center point, the latter is certainly the point of greatest resistance in the whole form.

135,9. "Yet where there is the greatest resistance, activity is also greatest.

135,10. "You all know from dual experience that all excessive pressures engender inflammations as, for instance, when someone firmly rubs together two pieces of wood, or two stones, which would then be soon ignited.

135,11. "Or when one of you is touched by something, be it the obstinacy of another or some very pleasant sight, some adverse report or some pleasant news, when on every such occasion he must of necessity become aware of a certain igniting of his heart.

135,12. "Behold, now we are at the core of the matter. Since such an igniting is always combined with a radiant flame which is like the life of My eternal Love itself, the form, imprisoned and coerced by love, is of necessity illumined throughout and, finally, passes in all its parts into the movement of the flame blazing up from the central point, thereby becoming alive and freely aware of itself in its own light.

135,13. "If I then will such a thought fixed in this manner to continue to exist, it becomes solid and remains always as it were before Me.

135,14. "If, however, I do not will it, I withdraw My love again out of and from the form; this becomes then again free and floating and again ascends, of course visibly known only to Me alone, as your own thought is to you, up to the infinite spheres of My Deity.

135,15. "Behold, this is My order from which all things have gone forth! If you then procreate your kind out of this order according to which you were created and as it were begotten by Me, yours is a proper begetting, for it is within the order in which I Myself am.

135,16. "If you beget only blindly or unfeelingly, you do not procreate, but merely destroy what I Myself had created and begotten for an eternally free existence, and this is then certainly contrary to My will which alone - as I previously have shown -- is the actual, firmly determined existence of every being begotten and created by Me.

135,17. "Acting contrary to this My will means sin or the death of the being procreated by Me.

135,18. “Therefore, procreation must take place within My order. -

135,19. "Only now do you have light and can go back to your place. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-135 Chapter