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136,1. Only this opened Mahalaleel's eyes and he was full of gratitude in his spirit and in his joy literally began to leap into the air, having finally comprehended the meaning of grace in the divine Word.

136,2. Some were amazed at this and asked each other: "What is it that arouses father Mahalaleel's mirth?

136,3. "Abedam's words are surely sublime and holy as always and forever; but to arouse such exuberance in someone is another matter.

136,4. “We are quite contented with having barely understood the very mysterious meaning of these most sublime words from the mouth of the Most High.

136,5. "How anyone can become so exceedingly merry and full of joy when he should sink into the dust of his nothingness out of sheer reverence, let comprehend this whoever may, can and will. As for us, we stick to our sublime reverence.

136,6. "Mahalaleel has always been an obscure original; why should he not be that just now? - No, no! Just look how the old father can still leap like a stag!"

136,7. But Abedam allowed it that the countenance of the exceedingly merry Mahalaleel soon turned radiant like clear, reddish morning cloudlets when first the rays of the rising sun touch them.

136,8. When the amazed faultfinders noticed this they were frightened and became greatly embarrassed; for they presumed to have sinned by their remarks.

136,9. But the high Abedam promptly stood up and addressed them with the following words, saying:

136,10. "Children of the midday! Why are you trembling here before the countenance of a merry one whose heart became full of mirth, having understood and absorbed My grace?

136,11. "Did maybe your sly word not benefit your heart since it now trembles and quakes as if buried in the night and mud of all sin?

136,12. "O you still great fools! What is better, fear or joy before Me?

136,13. "Verily, verily, whoever still stands before Me in fearful reverence, is not pure as yet; for only a wavering, impure and therefore weak heart, not yet at one with My will, fears Me, the almighty, strong, eternal God.

136,14. "But a heart which has faithfully recognized in the warmth of its love in the almighty, strong, eternal God the most loving Father and His great grace, loses the fear and panic before Him Whom it shall only love above all doing what Mahalaleel has done.

136,15. "Now say for yourselves what means more to Me, a fearful heart or one that is exceedingly glad in My name?

136,16. "I tell you: If already the tears of remorse are just and pleasing to Me, the tears of joy in My Father-name are higher by as much as the sun stands high above the earth on a bright midday.

136,17. "For the tears of remorse mean that someone has become aware of how far he has distanced himself from Me in his love and loyalty, but is then again animated to return to Me, the Father.

136,18. "On the other hand, the tears of joy are a sure sign of the full reunion, the son rejoicing at having found the Father, and the Father at having again found the son.

136,19. "So you too open your hearts and rejoice because the Father has come to you and you have found Him and no longer wonder at someone who is glad in My name; for now you have heard it from My mouth that for good reason I much prefer a glad one to one who is full of fear and sorrow, though also for good reason.

136,20. “Therefore, you shall always comfort one who is sorrowful; but with the glad one you shall be glad with all your heart. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-136 Chapter