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137,1. The faultfinders, very moved after this speech, promptly prostrated themselves before Abedam and asked Him to forgive them.

137,2. But Abedam bade them rise at once and also fully rise in their spirit.

137,3. And all promptly rose from the ground and praised and glorified Him for showing them again so much goodness and grace.

137,4. But Abedam turned to them and said: "My love be with you and in you! Love each other in this My love and be glad and of good cheer together, and be obliging to one another and glad to serve, and you will thereby at all times reveal that you are truly My dear little children in whom the holy Father takes, and always can take, pleasure; for the day of the great liberation has come near.

137,5. "If Adam continued to live on earth seven times as long as he has already lived and will still be living, it would happen before the eyes of his flesh.

137,6. "So act according to My will lest the day find you unprepared when it comes.

137,7. "But prior to that will come the great Time of times. Whoever will then be received, for him the great day of liberation will occur in his time. But for him who will not be received the day of liberation will be a day of judgment, namely, a judgment through fire and in the fire of My wrath.

137,8. “Those will understand it in the depth of their life who will be perfect out of and in the spirit of My love and thus also in all the wisdom out of it.

137,9. “Therefore, be of a glad heart also you; for now you know that one day all hard bonds shall be loosed.

137,10. "But what would man give in order to become a lord of his life?

137,11. "I have now shown all of you how you can achieve this and then be it in the fullest measure. So you shall also be glad; for this is why I have shown you the road of pure love, which leads everyone to this glory of life.

137,12. "If someone might say: 'How can I be a lord of my life if I always have to live like an obedient servant?'

137,13. Then I tell you: While you are servants of the world and your flesh, you are harnessed to the yoke of servile obedience. But once you are servants of My love you will be liberated from any yoke whatsoever and will thus be perfect lords of your life; for love alone will and can make you completely free.

137,14. "How should love not be able to achieve this, being a living and exceedingly delicious spice of one's own will?

137,15. "Of what benefit to such a man should then be some commandment to be obeyed when he has love which comprises all the commandments within it and is a master of all law?

137,16. "Or is it necessary to coerce someone to an action which he would have carried out spontaneously with all his heart?

137,17. "Thus love, superior to all commandments and laws, as itself life, is also a perfect lord of one's own life! - Say whether this is not so!

137,18. "Since it is thus, be exceedingly glad; for I, your holy Father, have now given you the fullness of love, even My own love, and all glory of life with it.

137,19. “Therefore, you shall not adhere to the world and to the flesh choosing the serviceable and servile means for the purpose.

137,20. "For all this did not go forth from My love, but was begotten out of My wisdom, which is and subsists in the endless light-spheres of My Deity, now formed into a foundation testing your love for Me.

137,21. “Therefore, do not say to each other: "This plot of earth belongs to me, and this tree is mine, and I can do with my body as I please!'; for this will more and more draw you away from My love, and you will thereby become servants of the world and thus of death finding it utterly difficult, slow and burdensome to detach yourselves again from the world. And one day much fire will have to come over you to melt you away from the iron shackles of death.

137,22. "So be exceedingly glad for you have recognized that there is only one God, one Lord, one Proprietor of all things and one holy Father, and you all are His children and brothers and sisters to one another to whom I gave all this in equal parts. Thereby you know that you do not belong to the world, but to Me, the Father, in all the fullness of My love and great grace.

137,23. "So do heed this above all and love each other as you love Me, and life's glory will be your share from now on and you will be and forever remain in it in great joy.

137,24. "And now let My Jared come to Me; for I have to discuss something important with him. - Jared, I tell you, come to Me! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-137 Chapter