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139,1. After this explanation many, including Jared, became very glad. However, some were still baffled, particularly by the two aspects of God, namely, the one manifesting as the infinite and the other standing before them in person.

139,2. One proved it to another, saying: "Yes, yes, the infinite can no more step within the bounds of finiteness than the finite can ever fill infinity."

139,3. “Thus," said another; "we must in this way maybe assume two Gods, a finite, so to speak personal God, and then an infinite One without a substantial form."

139,4. A third one remarked: "This is what I think: Since we must necessarily imagine God in every respect to be infinitely perfect, He can only be One, namely, One in every respect infinite; for a finite personality must of necessity imply other limitations. Yet how can these be reconciled with the infinite perfections?"

139,5. Again a fourth one remarked: "However I twist and expand my thoughts, I find it practically impossible to ignore the infiniteness of space as non-existent -, and thus also eternity.

139,6. "For even if I limit space somewhere in an endless distance through an expansive round wall, my spirit nevertheless soon penetrates again through this separating wall and sees ahead nothing else but a continuation of the forever in all directions and in endless depths expanding space.

139,7. “Then again I follow this endlessly far again erecting at an endless distance and depth another, still more endless round wall; has the space here maybe come to an end? - Oh, by no means!

139,8. "My spirit penetrates also this wall - even though it had previously shaped it almost endlessly thick -, and what does it behold behind this wall?

139,9. "Nothing but a further continuation of infinite space to even more infinite depths!

139,10. "With these reflections the following question necessarily arises: Is this infinite, eternal space the essence of God, or is it filled by it?

139,11. "Since this is necessarily the case, everyone may ask himself, following Jared's good hint, what He is in His personified form.

139,12. "For between the finite and the infinite there can be forever only one correlation, namely, that of the complete dissolution of the finite in the infinite.

139,13. “Thus in this case we really have no God, since we are truly an absolute nothing compared to Him!

139,14. "If, on the other hand, God is a person like us, yet at the same time eternal and working through His immense might and power in the endless space, again the question arises: Has He with this His will albeit going forth from Him from eternities, perhaps already filled the whole infinity of endless space?

139,15. "To me this seems unthinkable because the infinite cannot possibly ever be filled.

139,16. "Is God, notwithstanding all this, a person, a new question can be asked, namely, whether in some distant, endless Depth of depths another, similarly mighty Deity may be present in person, likewise a further, third and so on to infinity, which Deities would then certainly be no longer our concern?"

139,17. After these musings some again began to beat their breast and then lament: 'Tribihal, Tribihal, what did you say?

139,18. "If so, - what a conflict is in store for such Gods one day when they with their immense forces will be clashing, even though in the endless depths of infinite space!"

139,19. Here Abedam again rose, summoned all the melancholy brooders to Him and said to them: "O you great fools, what sort of nonsense have you concocted? Truly, I do not wish to repeat it - and do not want it repeated by anyone.

139,20. "So as to extricate you from your endlessly silly dreams I have taken pity on your folly and will give you a true light for your dark hearts, and so listen: What you call the infinity of space, is the Spirit of My Will, which from eternities had made this very endless space filling it throughout with beings of every kind. This Spirit has a personal central point in which all the power of this infinite Spirit is united into one activity, and this power center of the infinite Divine Spirit Being is Love, as the life of this very Spirit; and I am this Love from eternity.

139,21. "Although God's Spirit can actively manifest everywhere, as a person It cannot manifest without love; but when God manifests in person He manifests if possible for finite beings such as you are through His love, which is the actual fundamental essence of God and the rallying-point of all might, power and holiness of the infinite Spirit.

139,22. "Behold, this is the essence of God in all truth and can only be grasped with the heart, but not ever with the intellect.

139,23. "Grasp this in your hearts, and the infinite space will not ever confound you and the imminent wars of the gods will vanish from your brains! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-139 Chapter