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140,1. Only now did the eyes of all begin to be really opened and they understood how God could be at the same time infinite and a visible Father to them.

140,2. And Jared for sheer gratitude of heart made to fall down before Abedam and worship Him with the greatest possible strength of his spirit; but Abedam said to him:

140,3. "Jared, I tell you, what you want to do is not at all necessary between the two of us. For you know that with Me the lip- and gesture-prayer has no value, but alone the prayer of love in the heart has; so desist from what is offensive to Me.

140,4. "For whoever loves Me in his heart above all and out of this love also his brothers and sisters more than himself, he it is who at all times ceaselessly and truly worships Me in the spirit and in all truth. Behold, this has long been the case with you; how should you now also worship Me with the lips and with gestures?

140,5. "Would this not be the same as if you gave someone a thousand baskets full of the finest fruits but, to make the gift even more perfect in your opinion, added-·· following a ceremonial custom -- a withered tree-leaf?

140,6. "Do tell Me, why here add this withered leaf? Truly, the recipient will thereby not be richer but will regard this additional gift merely as silly and surely not eat it along with the fruits but throw it away as useless; for, having no value in itself, what value should that have as a true gift?

140,7. “Therefore, be perfectly assured that I by no means expect you to add here to your continual prayer in the spirit and all truth a withered leaf, but I tell you and all the others: Stick at all times to prayer, and I shall always keep My ears and My heart open for it! -

140,8. "But now, My dear Jared, hear something quite different.

140,9. "Look, as you have already heard, this maiden here is in an earthly sense an orphan without closer relatives on the whole earth except after Me and Adam brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. Now I have adopted her as My daughter and thus intend to receive her into My house.

140,10. "Behold, your house happens to be also Mine; therefore, we will take her into this very same house adorn her heart so that she will be a perfect image of the highest and purest of all heavens, where I am permanently residing with My most perfect and pure angels.

140,11. "And so I am handing her over to you; you too receive her as a daughter of your heart and, as I have truly and faithfully promised you, I shall abide in your house and thus also always in Mine. Amen."

140,12. After these words He took Pura's hand saying to her: "My dear little daughter! Behold this man, - behold, he is a man perfectly after My heart. His whole being is composed of My love within him. He is on this earth your true father, just as I am your dear and alone true Father; so obey him, and he will care for your whole life on earth, as I will for your eternal one. Amen."

140,13. With these words He blessed the maiden and handed her over to Jared who was weeping for joy.

140,14. And Jared received this child with the greatest tenderness, gratitude and love and said to her: "Come, come, you purest little daughter of the most loving and above all holy Father; with me you shall again find all, all you have ever sadly lost on earth!

140,15. "Look, as you have heard for yourself, my house is really merely a house of the most holy Father, Who is now visibly before us.

140,16. "But wherever His house is, there He is also an always most loving Householder and with Him all He has miraculously created. So be of good cheer and grateful and come to me. Truly, you can believe it: No person on this earth has ever been looked after as you will be."

140,17. When Pura had heard this she quickly turned to Abedam asking Him: "O holy, most loving Father! Have I, a poor maiden, maybe sinned before You that You want to rid Yourself of me?

140,18. "No, no, Jared may be a man after Your heart and is, as I have just heard from his mouth, truly a good father - for no one could say such words in Your presence unless they were true and faithful! -, but he is still not You and never will be. Thus I do not leave You; for my heart tells me that only You are the sole true Father and there is no other true father beside You, and he shall be a sinner who assumes this Your most holy name and also calls himself 'father'.

140,19. "No, no, nothing will separate me forever from You, You my dear, holy Father!"

140,20. Here Jared became embarrassed and did not know what to do and say.

140,21. But Abedam told him: "My Jared, behold, this is what all true love shall be like. Only now shall this My true little daughter remain between Me and you and shall tomorrow move into My and your house.

140,22. "For I did this to test her and you all. So you, My dear Jared, set your mind completely at rest; for nothing happens outside of My predestined order.

140,23. "Let Pura's word about the true Father serve as a true lesson to everyone so that he be fully aware of Who alone is really worthy of this name. And so do stay with Me here until tomorrow - and then also forever. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-140 Chapter