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141,1. Thereupon the high Abedam turned to Pura asking her: 'Well, My dear little daughter, are you now happy with My arrangement?"

141,2. And Pura answered joyfully: “O You exceedingly holy Father, why should I not now be happy?

141,3. "I am allowed to stay with You, with You, the sole true and best Father! Why should I be discontented?

141,4. "I am exceedingly glad that also the dear Jared is staying here; for he must really be a rather good man since You, dear, holy Father, love him so and call him a man perfectly after Your heart.

141,6. “O witness, you living witness! From the mouth of God you come upon a man, as eternal, most blissful life in all its fullness in the bosom of the most holy Father!

141,7. "Oh yes, you my Jared, I do love you very much now, too, because the holy Father loves you so; come to me, come here and sit down with me and rejoice with me.

141,8. "Surely no created being has ever been happier and more blissful than we are now, having the most holy Father in our midst Whom we can and may love to our heart's content.

141,9. "So come, come, you dear, good man after the most holy Father's heart, for I love you, too!"

141,10. But Jared, overwhelmed by bliss, could not move, not even his lips. So Pura turned to Abedam and said to Him: "But look, O dear, holy Father, the pious Jared does not want to follow my invitation.

141,11. "Is he sometimes maybe hard-hearted not wanting to listen to a request?"

141,12. And Abedam replied: "Oh no, My beloved daughter, at this moment he can hardly move, overwhelmed by bliss; so go to him yourself and lead him where you want him."

141,13. But Pura, somewhat taken aback, replied: “O You most loving, most holy Father, it has again given You pleasure to test me a little.

141,14. "Oh look, I know only too well that it is by no means seemly for me, a weak maiden only, to attempt to lead a man, and particularly Jared, a man after Your heart; for it would look as if I wanted to impose my will on him.

141,15. "Oh, this be far from me! For a woman must at all times recognize him from the bottom of her heart as her lord whom You have obviously and explicitly set her as a lord; and thus he can lead me - if he will - but I cannot lead him.

141,16. "Is this not right? But if You gave him a slight hint he would surely come to my side."

141,17. Thereupon Abedam said to Pura: "You are only now a true maiden, having combined with your great love also the true womanly submission and meekness; but do call Jared just once more and he will promptly hear your request."

141,18. And Pura did promptly according to the word of Abedam and said to Jared: "Jared, do you not want to listen to my request as yet?

141,19. "Look, I have prepared for you here the nicest place; do come here so that I am between you and the most holy Father, just as He has promised me previously. For I do love you also very much; that you can believe me."

141,20. Only then did Jared follow Pura's call, full of bliss, sat down by her side and praised Me in his heart for this great grace.

141,21. Now also Pura was fully contented and thanked Me in a loud voice for fulfilling her heart's wish.

141,22. But Abedam said to all of them: "Little children, your limbs have become tired. Thus enjoy the rest and sleep; but in spirit stay awake always.

141,23. "And you, My little daughter, you too lie down on the ground and sleep while your spirit is awake.

141,24. "I, however, shall watch over all of you and shall wake you at the right time in the morning.

141,25. "And so let it be done as always. Amen. My blessing be with you all! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-141 Chapter