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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-145 Chapter


145,1. And Abedam replied: "Oh yes, dear brother Enoch, I certainly do understand it now!

145,2. "Only as concerns the preservation of my erstwhile speech to the end of time, you may be right insofar as even all our thoughts are stored up in God and thus surely also my former speech, had it been even twice as empty as it anyway was; but that it should even be recorded on stone tablets, - that is asking a little too much!

145,3. "There I am not quite sure what you thereby meant to say; so it should not do me the least harm to hear a few little words on it from you."

145,4. And Enoch replied, saying: "I tell you in the Lord's name: Not only your erstwhile speech, but also every word just said by you will be recorded on stone tablets. - Do you comprehend it now?"

145,5. And Abedam replied: "Yes, now it is quite clear to me; but from this moment on I will no longer talk, lest even more of the most empty babble of my mouth will appear on the stone tablets.

145,6. "But look, there from the evening region I see two men hurry towards us; surely my tongue will thus now be given a rest, but my ears all the more work.

145,7. "It gives me a secret little pleasure that my prediction was right in something, namely, that one should not rejoice too soon at the non-appearance of the arguers in the early morning. For these must be a pair of real hotheads since they move their feet so fast.

145,8. "But no more of this now, for they are as good as here."

145,9. And the two men approached the patriarchs on the height at a fast pace and greeted the latter with great reverence.

145,10. At once Adam stepped forward with his usual stern, patriarchal-official mien and asked them in the usual manner: "What sort of dispute brought you here?"

145,11. And one of the two men replied: "Father Adam, this time you will hardly receive an answer to this question from our hearts. So for once you will have to come up with a different question, for today we were certainly not driven here by some dispute."

145,12. On this occasion also Abedam had his thoughts, namely: "It seems I have applauded my prediction a little too soon; a Lord, forgive me my always great foolishness."

145,13. But Adam became confused by the stranger's remark, no longer knowing what to ask the two or what to talk or do with them; therefore, he summoned Enoch and asked him what to do here.

145,14. But Enoch replied: "Nothing- but wait! For, if the two have some reason for coming to us, they will anyway reveal it early enough; but, if their only purpose is to see us, they will surely go away once they have looked at us long enough.

145,15. “Therefore, we must always be unconcerned about this or that, but all our thoughts should be directed at Him, the Most Holy One, Who yesterday was still walking among us.

145,16. "Behold, only this does it behoove us to do; for everything else the most loving, holy Father will take care of.

145,17. "So also you, father Adam, can set your mind at rest and forget all the old, empty, official behavior. For He has given all of us a new form, namely, the most glorious form of love; with that and in that we shall and will remain now and forever. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-145 Chapter