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146,1. These words of Enoch set Adam's mind again at rest; but the stranger who had previously been talking stepped up to Enoch and said to him:

146,2. "Enoch, your words appeal to me. You are a true teacher and prophet; for you preach love.

146,3. "And love is the reason that has led me and, as you can see, another brother to this place.

146,4. "For we do not want to argue before you who have been filled with the spirit of love, but we want to probe this very spirit of love within you as though it were unknown to us; and once we have probed it we do not want to take it from you but leave it with you in all its fullness.

146,5. "Behold, this is the reason why we came here. - Even the sun rises and sets bringing about day and night on the earth; but in the sun itself, which is a far greater world than the earth, there is no night, since the sun is light throughout.

146,6. “Thus it seems to be the case also with man; when he is not probed through and through in his love he is like a planet on which day and night alternate.

146,7. "But once he is probed in his heart, the heart turns into a sun and henceforth it will no longer be night in his soul.

146,8. “Thus also a bridegroom probes his bride and she in turn the bridegroom; thereby their love becomes progressively more radiant, so that they recognize and love one another more and more.

146,9. "And when their love is fully ablaze they seize each other, forever through and through illumined, since they recognize each other and only in this recognition do they take the greatest pleasure in each other.

146,10. "Therefore, let us probe also each other so that our love may become perfect."

146,11. Here Abedam nudged Enoch and said: "Brother, how shall I look in my homeland as a teacher if there are such immensely wise men there?

146,12. "For, excuse me, against that one we two are once again in the dust. No, it is incomprehensible to me where these two have taken this wisdom from!"

146,13. But Enoch said: "Abedam, set your mind at rest; for here something incomprehensible will surely come to light. For I like the men exceedingly well! - Do you understand this?"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-146 Chapter