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155,1. After this discussion the stranger, leaving Abedam, stepped between Enoch and Adam, asking both as it were:

155,2. "You are discussing something in secret. Is this maybe also a rule pertaining to the dispute day?

155,3. "Formerly the judge had to remain quite silent for so long and was even forbidden to approach or look at someone so that his judgment might be faultless;

155,4. "But now Enoch, the judge of love chosen by God Himself, has turned into a chatterer on the first dispute day! What shall we think of this?

155,5. "Enoch, you have been present here continually and must therefore surely have taken notice of the judge's order on the dispute day.

155,6. "Not being able to deny this, what reason can you give for disregarding the same?

155,7. "Or has the high Abedam maybe granted you exemption introducing another order? This also I should certainly know.

155,8. "However, as far as I am concerned I know nothing of it - except that He turned the former dry judicial office into an office of teaching and love.

155,9. "But I cannot remember at all whether He made any arrangements about the other rules of this day, namely, as to whether they should or should not remain.

155,10. “Therefore, I should like to know for what reason you do not stick to the old rule of Adam?"

155,11. Here Enoch suddenly became very embarrassed and was at a great loss to reply to such a cutting remark on the part of the stranger.

155,12. But on this occasion Adam acted all the more promptly. At once standing up, he assumed his old official attitude and, turning to the stranger, said to Him:

155,13. "Listen, my child! Your wisdom seems to have forgotten on which point you are at present.

155,14. "Since you remember the old rules of the dispute day well enough to be able to criticize the new judge's every move thoroughly, do tell me whether you have not heard of the old law of Adam according to which he who on the dispute day in whatever manner might attack the judge whether with the tongue or the finger or a nasty look -, shall be promptly exiled for thirty years!

155,15. "What do you say to this law? Such a law has always had validity, and as far as I know the high Abedam has no more rescinded it than some other law, which you mentioned! - Do you understand this?

155,16. "But the old lawgiver of the earth am I myself and I can rescind a law how and when I will! - Do you understand this?

155,17. “Thus I am rescinding all the laws by which up till now the judge was bound in whatsoever sphere; but the laws applying to disputants remain! Do you, sage from the evening region, understand this?

155,18. “Therefore, come up with a valid excuse now, and if you cannot do this an irrevocable banishment lasting thirty years is in store for you! - Do you understand this?

155,19. "So speak up and make your apology, - or else you will soon hear my judgment. Do understand this, you cheeky disputant!"

155,20. The stranger looked at the wrathful Adam in utter amazement; after a short silence he finally opened His mouth and said:

155,21. "Adam! What would you say if I proved to you that I have sufficient power and right to completely rescind also the second part of your laws?"

155,22. But Adam retorted vehemently: "One more such question and you have even forfeited the right to apologize! - Understand it, think it over and speak!"

155,23. But the stranger again replied to Adam:

155,24. "Adam! For three days the high Abedam, Jehovah, God, the Eternal Himself, has preached nothing but love. Are these the fruits of His condescension?

155,25. "Did I in some way offend against Enoch by merely asking him for what reason he was not observing your old law in all points?

155,26. "Adam, you have poorly understood Abedam's teaching!

155,27. "Did not Abedam do away with all judgment and proclaim instead only love? Did He not rid you of the common Adam thereby exempting you from being accountable to your descendants?

155,28. "Why do you now want to load yourself again with the old burden?

155,29. "0 you ungrateful man! What else should Abedam have done which He did not do?- You are full of wrath and, if you could, you would destroy Me. Oh how poorly you understand the thousands upon thousands of Abedam's words!

155,30. "I shall be hit by your present judgment - I shall somehow endure the thirty-year banishment -, but the time has not yet come for it.

155,31. “This is why I am now rescinding also this law so that no one shall be banished any more; no one on this height!

155,32. "For brothers shall not judge one another- save with love, patience, meekness and mercy.

155,33. "When brothers will begin to pass judgment on one another, then also I shall stand up as a Judge and shall judge them towards eternal death!

155,34. "Adam, do you now understand this?" - Here their eyes were opened and they recognized the stranger.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-155 Chapter