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157,1. Following this call they all rushed up to Abba, clustering around Him as best they could, and Abba commended the zeal of their hearts.

157,2. Since Adam was not so nimble on his feet as the others, it so happened that the others had Abba completely encircled by the time Adam caught up with them.

157,3. It irked the ancient a little that this time he was so little considered, and so he began in all seriousness to be sulky.

157,4. But Abba said to him: "Adam, why are you sulking? Did not two of us arrive? If you have no room here, look, there stands somebody else! Nestle against him. But first recognize him and then ask your heart which of us two is closer to it. I tell you that your own heart will loudly tell you why this time you arrived too late at My side.

157,5. "I tell you also that at present the stranger, whom you will soon recognize, is better off than you are now. For he is already immortal; you, however, will at first have to completely die before you will attain to immortality.

157,6. “Thus, have a closer look at this My companion; and once you have recognized him, do tell us all as whom you have recognized him."

157,7. Here Adam was taken aback and, slowly turning around to the stranger, began to scrutinize him from head to foot; and, since he was unable to recognize him he again turned to Abba asking Him:

157,8. "Abba, I cannot recognize Your companion. Who is he, and what is his name? Abba, do tell me lest the suspense kill me!

157,9. “That I and my descendants must first die in our flesh to the earth before our spirit will once more return to its homeland, I have known since the days of Abel; for he certainly became a sad example to us all.

157,10. "But despite all this I do not tremble; for I also know that I shall die in Your arms, just as I came to the earth from the same.

157,11. "But notwithstanding all this the stranger remains unknown to me as I cannot recognize him; thus, 0 Abba, do tell me through Your holy mouth who the stranger is."

157,12. “Thereupon Abba said to Adam: "So step closer to him, and it should become obvious whether you will recognize him or not."

157,13. And Adam stepped closer to the stranger. When he was only several steps away from him he suddenly gave a loud scream; for he recognized in the stranger his son Abel and promptly made to dash at him.

157,14. But Abel said to Adam: "Stop and listen! Your children have embraced the right Father; why do you want to keep far from Him and in His stead embrace me, who am nothing compared to Him?

157,15. "So turn around quickly so as to reach Him Who alone is the eternal First Cause of all beings; otherwise you will die this very day still!

157,16. "Behold, on the very day today the great serpent was given free play; today it is even allowed to crawl around on this height. So hurry up lest it catch up with you before you enter into the sphere of life!

157,17. "Look across towards your cave; there he stands, the great enemy of life!

157,18. "So hurry, hurry, father Adam; for he is quick like lightning and wrathful like a provoked lion!"

157,19. Here Adam ran quickly to Abba, Who received him.

157,20. But suddenly the prince of the world stood in human form between Abel and the group clinging to Abba, and screamed, full of wrath:

157,21. "Almighty One, why are You persecuting me here in my sphere? What have You to do with my creatures? Why do You want to snatch from me those who have not gone forth from You, but from me, thereby making me a childless father? Have You not countless legions of pure spirits sprung from You?

157,22. "Therefore, withdraw from the earth and from my entire great worldly realm; for this is my own, since it has gone forth from me, and not from You! With Your feet You trample on my property and are a thief in my realm; so withdraw from here!"

157,23. And Abba said to him: "Blasphemer, how full of lies your mouth is! If this is your property, whose property, then, are you yourself? Who told you to come into being, like other countless legions?

157,24. "What are you talking about a property? Show me a single plant on the ground of the earth, which you created, and I will give you the entire earth and the entire visible heaven for your property!

157,25. "Miserable liar, now you are trembling before Me because I have revealed your infamy. Why do you not tremble before yourself, since with each second you damn yourself deeper by an eternity through your great wickedness!

157,26. "Know that I am the Lord of heaven and earth! So withdraw; for this place is too holy for your feet!"

157,27. And the enemy disappeared from the height, howling and cursing.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-157 Chapter