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158,1. When the great enemy of life had disappeared Abba said to the children clinging to Him:

158,2. "Little children, did you hear what the arch-liar dared talk in My presence?

158,3. "Therefore, beware of him lest he talk you over and bring about your fall; for great is his wickedness.

158,4. "And his great slyness and cunning match his wickedness; so be three times as careful in front of him!

158,5. "He is a reprobate spirit who is not prepared to ever mend his ways or recognize Me as the sole God of all holiness, might and power, but is only intent on absolute power; always striving to weaken and finally completely destroy Me so that he may then assume all power over the heavens and all the worlds.

158,6. "Should he succeed in this, he would then in his immense hate towards Me want to destroy everything that now exists.

158,7. "And once he had succeeded in this, to bring about a new creation at his pleasure.

158,8. "However, in this new creation there would exist nothing of eternal duration, but the existence of everything would only depend on his utterly free arbitrary action and exist only for as long as it afforded him some sensual pleasure.

158,9. "Once this had given him full satisfaction, an entire creation would promptly sink back into nothingness and another one again come into being for his sole pleasure!

158,10. "He would never create beings fully in his image - as for instance a man -, but rather a woman for his sensual gratification; however, she must be extremely sensitive so as to render her very receptive for all sorts of excesses to amuse him!

158,11. "In short, his ideas are so abominable that even a highest angel could not grasp them in their fullness; therefore, do beware of him!

158,12. "You are now guessing in your hearts saying: 'Why not destroy such a being which is so full of deadly wickedness?'

158,13. "But then I ask each of you: 'Which of you would go to the lowlands and kill Lamech, who is not a jot better than this enemy of life?'

158,14. "Or if I brought to you once more the enemy of life, preparing him so that you could kill him in all earnest, - would you do this even if he stood before you however full of wrath?

158,15. "Truly, you would all mightily hesitate!

158,16. "Behold, if even you hesitated and if possible withdrew, although your love is infinitesimal compared to Mine, how much less will I be able to do this, I Who am infinite, eternal Love Myself and am as well his Creator as yours, and am his God as well as yours, and his Lord as well as yours, and his still fatherly judge, just as I am your good Father in person!

158,17. "However, as far as this was possible the power of the will was taken from him. Therefore, you need no longer fear him in the least, but only beware of his slyness, which as such is powerless, so much so that you can fight it off more easily than you can a fly with a whiff of your breath, if you want to.

158,18. "So he can continue to live and forever make futile attempts to destroy us; for in this he will succeed as little as a gnat in combat with a mammoth.

158,19. "But again you are asking in your hearts: 'Wherein does the slyness of the enemy of life consist, which we should recognize and of which we should beware?

158,20. "For who can beware of something he does not know?'

158,21. "Little children, you are right in asking this in your hearts; but all the same your question is really futile. For the enemy of life can and may not approach anyone; thus he cannot seduce anyone with his cunning.

158,22. "However, if a man lets himself be seduced by his own heart, becoming proud, arrogant, voluptuous, worldly and egotistical, then man himself spontaneously comes closer to the enemy of life, becomes one himself and is not seldom worse than the actual one in question of whose cunning you must beware.

158,23. "When the real enemy of life notices such a kindred neighbor beside him he no longer spares any effort to bind the one to him who in his great semblance to him had willingly approached him.

158,24. "Look, only then does the enemy's cunning to win over such a friend forever become effective!

158,25. “Therefore, whoever wants to escape the enemy's cunning shall be a faithful and watchful shepherd of his own heart turning the same carefully to Me! If you heeded this always, truly you can believe it, it would be easier for you to pull down the sun from the firmament than for the enemy of life to approach such a man with his cunning!

158,26. "So you shall not be fearful, - for nothing can happen without My permission. However, if I do allow something, I have always the very best of reasons for it.

158,27. "In particular, beware of yourselves; for truly, apart from Me, nothing is freer than your own hearts.

158,28. "So care for them in accordance with My will and you will be forever safe from the enemy's cunning.

158,29. "Understand this well; for you are protected against his cunning by turning your hearts to Me, but not in a self-willed manner to him! - Do you understand this?"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-158 Chapter