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159,1. After this speech by Abba they all retreated at His bidding to a distance of about seven paces thus forming a circle around the Father and thanking, praising and glorifying Him for His endless love, grace and mercy. And He summoned Abel and said to him:

159,2. "My faithful messenger, I am now sending you to the city of Hanoch. There you will meet seven preachers of repentance sent out from here. Three of them are steadfast, four are fickle; for they have seen the flesh of the women of the lowlands and been beguiled by it. Behold, these you shall again straighten out for Me.

159,3. “They shall lose none of their power; however, since they have never felt any physical pain, you may first take a smooth rod and discipline them with seven strokes across the shoulders, - but only if you see an impure flame flare up in their hearts which will finally assume the shape of a woman.

159,4. "As soon as you notice this, lift your arm and deliver a sharp blow. If after this blow all the fire is instantly extinguished, deliver the following blows more gently, but by all means the full number according to My bidding.

159,5. "If with the first blow the flame as well as the form of the flesh do not disappear, deliver the next blow more forcibly than the first; and should there be no change even then, deliver the next blow with even more force.

159,6. "If the change should then take place, use less force. However, if it still does not take place, use twice the force, doubling it each time to the end of the indicated number.

159,7. "If with one or the other blow there should be a change, deliver the remaining blows with the same force so as to properly chastise and soften the obduracy of the heart.

159,8. "After the disciplining send a loud call into the heart informing the beguiled of My will and My full earnest.

159,9. "After that watch his heart secretly. If the wicked flames do not recur within seven days, you can release him for another seven days. Then visit him again; if you find him free, release him for seven months.

159,10. "However, if you discover that his heart has suffered in the meantime, strengthen it with the oil of My grace. If you should notice that the old, wicked flame had again burnt in his heart pleasing him, chastise him again.

159,11. "Should the first seven blows with all their force not have fully extinguished the flame, take a stronger, no longer smooth but thorny and rough rod and administer with the same the blows with full force across the whole back.

159,12. "You must not diminish the force of the blows even if the flame should go out after one or the other; for here you are already dealing with the obduracy of a rather demoralized heart.

159,13. "Should even these blows fail to effect a betterment, take a fiery rod and give him with a wrathful hand seventy-seven hard blows over the whole body resulting in running sores and pus.

159,14. "If he then mends his ways and his heart, heal his wounds and strengthen him with My mercy; if, however, there is no betterment, spread worms over his body so that they consume him while fully alive, - for it is better to be eaten by worms rather than by the wrath of God!

159,15. "The first three strengthen with My love and show yourself to them when you will do so.

159,16. "And I shall always be with you as with all My children. Amen."

159,17. Here the angel Abel bowed deeply before Abba and then disappeared like lightning flashing from a cloud to the earth.

159,18. And all the patriarchs were amazed that four of the messengers could have forgotten within such a short time the One Who only on the preceding day had so abundantly showered them with His love, grace and mercy.

159,19. Thereupon Abba said to them: "0 little children, do not wonder about this! I have only just now told you all that apart from Me there is nothing freer than the human heart. Thus the same can be ensnared as soon as it forgets Me for even a moment.

159,20. "Oh, great is the might of the flesh, and so far none of you all has vanquished it. So do not be baffled that four men could so soon be enticed by the voluptuous flesh of the women from the lowlands.

159,21. "When Cain fled he prophesied before the serpent which appeared to him in the flesh what a great danger this would become for all his brothers.

159,22. "So do not wonder because the four were so soon ensnared; for you and your children will not fare better by a hair's breadth should you turn from Me even for moments.

159,23. "So remain in Me, as I am in you, and you will not become servants of the flesh. Amen. - Do comprehend this! Amen, amen, amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-159 Chapter