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167,1. Said the first of the four, highly amazed at the great wisdom of the stranger: "Listen, good man, friend and brother, nothing of what you said is incomprehensible to me; for you expressed yourself dearly, and the simile of the plucked-off lily whose seedless blossom would unfold in a basin was very appropriate and we have understood exactly what you meant to tell us thereby.

167,2. "I realize perfectly that all this is certainly so in all nature, particularly in that of man; but towards the end of your speech when you became somewhat agitated you dropped a hint, -- and I must say, dear, good man, friend and brother, this I cannot comprehend at all.

167,3. "For there you likened your words to a living water with which I should diligently water the plucked-off flower stem. This would yield me at least a seed - if not at once the root - which I could then sow into my soil so as to obtain a new root, stem and blossom and therefrom also a new seed for eternal life.

167,4. "All this is correct, exceedingly wise and clear; only how you turn your word into a living water, or rather how I am to do it, -look, dear man, friend and brother, this is a somewhat daring statement, that is, at the moment insofar as I do not grasp it as yet.

167,5. "However, if you would do me the brotherly favor and make a more definite statement on it, you can rest assured that I and all of us shall honor your every word, seeking to sublimate it to the living root and the most active seed in our hearts.

167,6. "If you are willing to do this, we ask you for it."

167,7. And the most holy Abba opened His mouth and said: 'Truly, you have posed the best question; for I tell you: Everything depends on whether you grasp this correctly.

167,8. "Whoever does not understand that My Word is a living water, does not grasp in the least what God is, what Abedam and what Enoch; for only the living water can reveal this to him completely.

167,9. "Since, therefore, this depends on the true, intimate acquaintance with the living water, the question arises: How, then, is the Word from My mouth a living water?

167,10. This too you shall see in an accurate metaphor; and so hear it:

167,11. "At home you have a garden. In the same you have planted a great variety of good plants. When during the summer now and again it becomes very dry you water the plants with good water so that they do not dry out and die in the barren soil of your garden. But despite your diligent watering the plants thrive only very poorly and your harvest is as poor as is the soil in living food, which consists solely in a well-blessed rain from the clouds of heaven.

167,12. "You say out of your wisdom: 'A dry year is a scourge both for the plants and for our stomach and skin!'

167,13. "Why, then, do you consider the rainwater better and more nourishing than the one you pour from your jug onto the plants? - Answer Me this out of your wisdom."

167,14. And the speaker replied: 'This is quite natural: Because the earth's spring-water has already imparted its energy to the earth prior to reaching the surface of the earth feebly. However, the rainwater falls in undiminished strength to the ground of the earth where a single raindrop is more precious for the flora than a whole jug full of the purest spring-water. - I consider my answer to be correct."

167,15. And the most holy Abba replied: "Quite right; so consider My Word a rain from the heavens of all life, and the life-giving property of the water of this My living Word will no longer be a riddle to you, and Abedam together with Enoch will appear before you in great clarity and in all the fullness of His Deity. Understand it. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-167 Chapter