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168,1. After this speech by Abba the four began to be taken aback mightily and everyone of them thought to himself: "It is truly peculiar with this man.

168,2. "Who and what is he and where must he have come from? Truly, the man speaks as though he were - Jehovah Himself!"

168,3. After the first of them had apologized to the still unknown Abba, the four stepped back a little and deliberated on the super-wise stranger.

168,4. The first at once asked the other three, saying: "Brothers! Like I, also you have heard this man's speech - and surely understood it just as I did. What do you think of him? Who is he? Who can he be?"

168,5. Thereupon the second one said: "Brother, you know that in certain things I have never made great blunders, and so I think I shall also now hit the nail on the head.

168,6. 'The metaphor of the garden, the watering of the same, the comparison of the spring-water with the rain and, finally, the likening of our words to the already feeble spring-water, but the likening of His Word to the living rain out of the clouds of heaven and in the end the clear hint concerning Abedam's presence remove any doubt where I am concerned that behind Him there is -. Abedam Jehovah Himself!

168,7. "Look brothers, this is my opinion which intrudes upon me inescapably yet at the same time fills my whole being with such bliss as I have never before experienced.

168,8. "However, I do not want to impose my opinion on anyone, - and I shall be extremely pleased to hear also your opinions on it."

168,9. Said the third one promptly: "Brothers, it seems to me at least that the brother is not exactly wrong. I do not want to add a whole-hearted Yes; however, if you are unanimous on the point I shall certainly not say No.

168,10. 'That this man must be more than an ordinary man shines most clearly from his every word; yet, whether he is directly Abedam Jehovah Himself or only His spirit speaks through him, the stranger, this remains to be determined.

168,11. "However, if it depended only on me, I would rather stand for directness than for indirectness, without thereby prejudicing anyone's opinion."

168,12. And the fourth opened his mouth and said: "Brother, I think I too shall commit no great blunder by totally agreeing with you. Now only our reason should be allowed to speak and it will soon become apparent where the majority of votes will go."

168,13. Thereupon the first principal speaker said: Brothers, we are fully agreed! For this was my secret opinion right after His first speech, and I am rejoicing greatly that we are now completely of one heart and one mind! But now the question arises: How shall we go about it, - how approach Him again? What offering shall we give Him? How shall we now look in His eyes? What shall we be able to tell Him, Him, Who knew our most secret thoughts many eternities before through His almighty Word we became thinking and feeling humans?

168,14. "He, Who through one Word once created heaven and earth and all their countless beings, has now spoken to us in so many words! - Say, think, what can, what will become of this?"

168,15. Here suddenly Abba stepped among them and said: "Children, friends and brothers! My heart takes great pleasure in you; for you have truly found Me as befits a free man.

168,16. "But your road to Me, your eternal, holy Father, was laborious; for wisdom takes short and difficult steps, whereas love blurts out so to speak. However, having thus found Me, rejoice exceedingly; for I, God the Almighty, as your most loving Father, am now visibly among you.

168,17. "So come to My heart all of you and feel that I am truly your eternal, holy, most loving Father! Do come, do come! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-168 Chapter