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174,1. At first the three were amazed at Lamech's ruse by which he had so effectively barred for them the way over the third stairway.

174,2. This amazement was merely due to the sight of the horribly effective blocking up. However, when they had heard the lament of the women they began to have more and more scruples about so cruelly condemning the maids of the first two stairways.

174,3. So they proceeded in spirit with the fullness of their indwelling power to the puddles, lifted all the maids cleansed and revived out of the morasses and sewers and, summoning them before the lamenting women, began to address the following speech to the latter after I had opened their hearts; this time Sethlahem was the speaker, and this is what he said:

174,4. "O you evil women, look here all your companions in vice standing before you trembling and well-preserved! They were dead while in the puddles. Who actually lifted them from the inaccessible swamps, puddles and morasses cleansed, healed and revived and led them here thus safe and sound?

174,5. "You rescued maids! Talk to these most evil women and tell them who cleansed you, pulled you from death's abyss and revived you!"

174,6. And the more than one hundred and sixty maids said with one voice: "Oh listen to us, you most unfortunate wantons of Lamech and his servants, of whom he has still a good many, although three days ago his main servant with the elite troops called Horadal after their leader, either was destroyed on the heights by the children of Jehovah or deserted him!

174,7. "We all were already completely dead in the sewers; only our poor souls were hovering most miserably above the swamps, puddles and morasses. But suddenly we saw three great luminous figures approach our miserable abode and in the three great lightful figures we soon recognized the three messengers of Jehovah.

174,8. "And these messengers called in a mighty voice: 'Awaken for a witness of the divinity of our mission!' Forthwith our cleansed bodies ascended from the abyss and we united with them, whereupon we were led here by an invisible power and are now and will be always testifying that these three great men must be true messengers of Jehovah!"

174,9. And Sethlahem continued: "Well then, you most evil women and true children of the dragon, - say what you think! What about your former complaint? Tell us, who advised Lamech to block up the stairway in this manner? Was it not you who did this?

174,10. "Did not you hire the children and forcefully separate some from their poor mothers for this abominable purpose? Did not you tie up the children and with your own hands tie yourselves to the open rungs with chains and, without having been in the least ordered by Lamech, voluptuously cut your breasts and for the most part smeared them with red juice?

174,11. "Jehovah prevented us for a short time from seeing your true abominable form; but now He has shown it to us as it is and we see you through and through in your full wickedness! What complaint do you want to raise now?

174,12. "Previously you asked us from which hell we had escaped; now I am asking you from which hell you escaped, having before us blasphemed both God and Lamech?

174,13. "Whose children are you, cursing at the same time Jehovah and Satan?

174,14. "What shall be done with you, the house of the dragon being much too good for you? - Say, pass your own verdict!"

174,15. And the women began to scream: "Friends of Him, Whose name shall from now on no longer be desecrated by our heinous tongue! Destroy us, destroy us utterly; because for us any existence however miserable is far too much grace!"

174,16. But Sethlahem replied: "Rise, take the children and return them to where they belong; then go to the sewers, wash yourselves with the filth and then repent until we shall come to you giving you the just reward for the words of your iniquity!

174,17. "For thus you are too bad for any punishment and any hell. And so rise and go! - But you rescued maids go to your chambers and put on clothes; then come back and lead us to Lamech. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-174 Chapter