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175,1. The women promptly vacated the stairway and rushed away with the children, howling. The maids went to their chambers to dress themselves, then they returned to the three, prostrated themselves before them and asked their forgiveness for their former wickedness in which they had acted more under coercion than freely. Then they thanked them for the grace of their rescue and asked them for a lasting strengthening blessing; and the three comforted, blessed and strengthened them in My name. After this action Sethlahem said to the maids:

175,2. "Now listen, you maids, who by five days have been serving Lamech, that is, not Lamech personally, but rather his servants, for since the threefold loss of his womenfolk Lamech had had nothing to do with any female being, since it became a curse in his mouth!

175,3. "You have now been cleansed and freed and have received Jehovah's blessing by us, His servants and messengers; thereby you are no longer children of hell but have become children of heaven.

175,4. "Since you have now become children of heaven, behave at all times accordingly so that you can always share in this blessing.

175,5. "Obedience is the first step in the dwelling of eternal life. Therefore, if you want to attain to eternal life, be obedient to every word you will be hearing from our mouth and out of an ever-growing love for Jehovah do everything we shall demand of you! If you will do all this faithfully out of love for Jehovah, your strength will begin to increase and you will become true heroines - no longer of depravity, but of the divine eternal life and thereby also of the eternal goodwill of God!

175,6. The first thing we demand of you is to take us to the chamber of Lamech.

175,7. "Following that go out and gather dry wood and carry it to the puddles piling it up in dry spots; continue doing this until we come to you.

175,8. "When the women out there who smear and wash themselves with the filth or somebody else will ask you why you are doing this, say nothing but this:

175,9. "We, messengers of Jehovah, had bidden you do this; and woe betide him who should dare lay his hand on you or the gathered wood!

175,10. "For the moment you know all you have to do, and so lead us to the chamber of Lamech. Amen."

175,11. And presently some of the maids went ahead, others following the three. When soon they reached the door to Lamech's chamber, they indicated this, saying: 'This is the chamber; the door being closed, we cannot possibly know whether he is inside or not. - Jehovah be with you and with us!"

175,12. And Sethlahem commended their faithfulness and bade them go out-· side to gather wood.

175,13. Now Kisehel touched the door which was firmly bolted and barred and it burst open; and in the far background of the chamber Lamech sat on a great throne, glowing with wrath and fury and surrounded by a thousand bailiffs, myrmidons and servants.

175,14. His first greeting was: "Bailiffs, apprehend the three iniquitous animals from the mountains! Fetter them so that I may tear them to pieces with my own hands; their blood shall atone for the blood of my wives Ada and Zilla and the blood of my most beautiful daughter Naeme! Go and fulfill my almighty will!"

175,15. But Kisehel lifted his hand instantly and spoke with a voice like thunder: "Stop! - So far, and not by a hair's breadth further!

175,16. "Whichever of you bailiffs moves even a hand or a foot, will meet with instant death!"

175,17. When no one made a move, Lamech himself sprang from the throne and, wresting the lance from a bailiff, made to run it through the three. But the lance became instantly glowing hot and Lamech flung it from him cursing, at once grasped another - and burnt the palm of his hand.

175,18. Seeing that he was as good as lost, he asked the three, trembling with wrath and glowing rage:

175,19. "What do you mountain beasts want here? Talk, so that Lamech may pay you the demanded tribute! Do talk, - talk, - talk!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-175 Chapter