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176,1. And Kisehel again lifted up his hand and began with a mighty voice to address the following words to the raving Lamech, saying:

176,2. "Lamech, you vile king of all depravity, abomination and the blindest and blackest iniquity! I tell you in the name of the great, exceedingly mighty God: Not even a tiny stone lying on the dirtiest street of your city do we demand from you as some sort of tribute! When leaving these lowlands again, we shall first brush all the dust off our feet!

176,3. “Thus during our presence here we have been taking nothing of what the lowlands produce in fruits and foodstuff except the free air and the pure water; for we are amply provided with everything. From this you can deduce that we are not here for the sake of some tribute.

176,4. "Nevertheless we demand a great tribute from you; however, no material tribute but a tribute in deeds, namely, the tribute of your obedience.

176,5. "Behold, you are a king, demanding of everyone the most exacting obedience as a matter of life and the most cruel death - yet you yourself have never obeyed!

176,6. "So, for the first time in your whole life you, too, will bade to bow your well-nourished neck under the heavy yoke of obedience and do what will be imposed on you by us in the name of Jehovah!

176,7. "Good for you if you will willingly comply with everything. Should you resist you shall feel the harsh rod of God in the most forcible manner until your stiff royal neck will willingly and gracefully bow under the yoke of our will in the name of Jehovah. Do you now know the tribute?"

176,8. Here Lamech sprang up, full of rage, and dashed at Kisehel as though intending to tear him to pieces. But Kisehel caught the pouncing Lamech by his long hair and, shaking him a little, lifted him from the floor and asked him in a serious tone: "Lamech, you miserable worm of the dust and all weakness and complete helplessness, tell me now how long you intend to resist us!

176,9. "You, whom we can blow away by a slightest whiff through the power of God within us, you want to resist the almighty will of God?

176,10. 'Tell me, what will you do if I release you again? For you shall not touch the floor with your feet until, hanging here in the air, you have clearly stated what you will be doing on your release!

176,11. "You must surely realize of what benefit your bailiffs are to you before us; so speak up!"

176,12. And Lamech, grinding his teeth, said finally: "So give me at least three days time for reflection so that I may collect and steady myself. For I realize that I have no weapons against enemies such as you; so I will reflect and determine how to obey you.

176,13. "And then put me down again and tell me what to do!" - And Kisehel put Lamech down and released him.

176,14. As soon as Lamech was released he rushed to his throne and, striking his royal attitude, said in great earnest: "What, then, shall the great king and ruler of heaven and earth do?"

176,15. Upon this utterly silly question Kisehel said: "For one thing this great king and ruler of heaven and earth shall at once descend from his throne lest he be burnt to ashes on the brazen throne."

176,16. Here the throne began to become hotter and hotter and Lamech leapt down from it, for the first time cursing the throne.

176,17. And Kisehel continued: "And then the dethroned great king will forthwith proceed with us to the puddles, swamps and morasses, followed by his bodyguard. Having arrived there, he will receive a further order as to what to do!

176,18. "So follow us in the name of Jehovah, the great, almighty God! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-176 Chapter