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18,1. After this extraordinary miracle, while the offering was still burning, Uranion, trembling all over, stepped up to Enoch asking him to tell him the name of this miraculous and extraordinary man.

18,2. And Enoch said to him: "Dear Uranion, would it be of any benefit to you if I told you His name?

18,3. "Behold, just as He lets Himself be called here, also another is called.

18,4. "You see from this that the similarity in name will serve you little towards recognizing this Man of men more closely. Therefore, do not ask about His name, but turn directly to Him and be assured that in three moments He will tell you and teach you more than I could in eternities!

18,5. "So just turn to Him personally without fear and embarrassment; for although He is so immensely mighty, He is also endlessly good, loving, merciful, gracious, mild, gentle, tender, condescending and is incomprehensible humility in person.

18,6. “Therefore, do not be shy but just turn to Him."

18,7. These words encouraged Uranion; he promptly stepped up to the high Abedam and addressed Him with the following words:

18,8. "Exalted, sublime, mightiest brother - if I may thus call you -- would you not reveal to me who and whence you are? For, as I have just seen, heaven and earth are subject to you to such a degree, that, had I not the greatest possible love for the holy Father of all heavens and earths, I could easily believe you to be either this holy Father Himself or at least a very great and mighty spirit of all heavens out of the endlessly great number of the most perfect angels of God.

18,9. "If it be your will, you could give me some light concerning your person."

18,10. And Abedam grasped him by the hand and said to him: "Uranion, do take heart; for now eternal life has seized you.

18,11. "Go to Gabiel and bring him here with his small family, namely, his wife Aora and his only daughter Purista, and by their side you will come to know Me to your heart's content. Amen."

18,12. And Uranion promptly hurried to Gabie1, informed him of Abedam's desire and brought the three of them without delay to Abedam.

18,13. As soon as they reached Abedam, Gabiel asked Him: "Mightiest of men, what do you demand of me?

18,14. "See here my beloved wife, and there my daughter given me by the immensely holy, loving heavenly Father. You are mighty enough to take them from me, - the dearest possession I have on earth.

18,15. "If this is your intention, who can prevent you from doing it?

18,16. "But see, I have also something much more precious than my wife and my daughter; behold, it is hidden deep in my heart

18,17. "It is my love for, and my full trust in, the holy, great, most loving Father and almighty Creator of heaven and earth.

18,18. "Can and would you also take these from me?"

18,19. And Purista, clinging to her father, said also to Abedam: "Good, dear, exceedingly mighty man, you would not want to maybe separate us?

18,20. "For the good, wise Enoch told us all that you are also very merciful and gracious.

18,21. "Say it; - you will not separate us but leave us together in the most blissful love for our heavenly Father!

18,22. "You must surely also know this holy and immensely good Father and love Him as we do."

18,23. Thereupon Abedam asked Purista: "Listen, you My tender Purista! Have you ever seen the heavenly Father?"

18,24. And Purista replied: "You must not merely say 'heavenly Father', but The immensely holy, loving heavenly Father', not just 'Father', or I do not dare to give you an answer."

18,25. And the high Abedam corrected Himself according to her pious will, whereupon she gave Him the desired answer, saying:

18,26. "Where would you find a man on the whole earth who could deem himself worthy of boasting to have seen the most holy, loving heavenly Father?

18,27. “This perhaps the angels can do, but never we unworthy humans."

18,28. And Abedam asked her again: "But listen, you pure, tender, most lovely Purista, - Adam, too, is only a man, yet he is said to have seen and spoken to the most holy, loving heavenly Father after he was created.

18,29. "What do you say now? He, too, is no more than a sinful, unworthy man before God."

18,30. And Purista answered Him: "But the ideas you get into your head! Is then the first patriarch also a human as we all are?

18,31. "Do you not know that Adam is the first whole man of this earth, issuing directly from the almighty hand of the most holy heavenly Father, Who is full of sublime love, grace and mercy? This is why he can well have seen Him and talked to Him; but is that also the case with us other humans? Just think about it a little."

18,32. And Abedam: "Yes, there you are again right, of course, if this is how matters stand; but now pay attention to what I shall be telling you.

18,33. "Would you have no longing to see the most holy, loving heavenly Father? - What do you have to say now upon My peculiar question?"

18,34. And Purista: "Yes, indeed a most peculiar question! Who would not love to see Him, particularly the one who loves Him above all as I do?

18,35. "But see, that one would have to be incomprehensibly more pious than I am.

18,36. "I for one am quite content that the good, most holy and loving heavenly Father lets Himself be loved by a poor creature like me and reveals Himself to me and to us all through His wondrous works and through the mouth of very godly men.

18,37. "Say, can we impure human beings demand more of Him?

18,38. "Or is not that which we receive from Him so much that we shall be unable to thank Him enough in all eternity?"

18,39. And Abedam: "Yes, there you are right again and have given Me a good lesson; however, I have already again another question:

18,40. "Have you ever tried to visualize what the most holy, loving heavenly Father might look like? Go on and tell Me."

18,41. And Purista: "But, - what a question again! ---Who might, or could, do this? - God Who is immensely holy and infinite! - No, what a thought this is!

18,42. "Just once I had the secret thought He might perhaps look like the first patriarch Adam, - only infinitely bigger than he. And for a long time afterwards I was afraid thinking that such a sin would never be forgiven me.

18,43. "How many nights afterwards did I pray and weep until a pious old man informed me of the remittance of my sin! Behold, this made me wise, and now, being twenty-seven years of age, I can no longer be trapped."

18,44. And Abedam: "Yes, you have again given Me a clever answer; but take care, I shall still catch you out! But then you will experience a great joy."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-18 Chapter