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188,1. After all the messengers had left in all directions in order to hire workmen and according to present chronology it was now the fifth hour of the afternoon, Kisehel turned to Lamech, saying:

188,2. "Lamech, look, here in this spot are lying many thousands of tons of the purest gold! This is the finest of all ores of the earth; however, as it is here, mixed with some gravel, it is not usable for anything.

188,3. “Therefore, it shall first be purified by an ore-master, through a powerful fire. When it then flows together into heavy floats, it can be easily beaten with hammers on the broad anvils into great plates of this metal in such a way that a fist-sized lump will yield a plate of ore on which a hundred people should easily find room to stand.

188,4. "Therefore, it will be necessary to procure at once a skillful ore-master.

188,5. "If you have one, let him come here and we will instruct him in the processing of this ore."

188,6. And Lamech, immensely pleased at this information, replied at once: "Listen, you great friend, this can be easily helped!

188,7. "My son Thubalkain, who had been linked in marriage to his sister Naeme for some time, is a leading ore-master and knowledgeable in the art of drawing this ore from the earth by means of fire and also the force of his heavy hammers, as you can see from all these digging implements manufactured by him. Would not he, together with his assistants, be the right man for this work? When I send word to him, he will be here promptly.

188,8. "If this my son suits you, reveal your will to me about it and I will do anything to always fulfill your will painstakingly."

188,9. And Kisehel said to Lamech: Yes, Thubalkain is a suitable man. So let him come; but before he purifies this ore with the aid of his assistants, he himself must be purified.

188,10. "For within his structure there is considerably more impure sand than within the structure of this fine, but presently still crude ore.

188,11. "Just as this ore is purified by fire and salt, also Thubalkain must first go through fire and salt so as to be capable of purifying this finest ore.

188,12. "However, when you send a messenger to him, tell him to be quiet before Thubalkain about all that has happened here. - And so you may do it. Amen."

188,13. But Lamech, no longer noticing any male person around, asked Kisehel in some embarrassment: "Great friend, all is well if you permit me to enter the city. There I shall soon find a messenger who will attend to this; apart from the women and us, no male person is present here any more who could be entrusted with matters of such importance.

188,14. "So give me also herein advice which I am willing to follow at once."

188,15. Then Kisehel promptly said to Lamech: "Look, brother Lamech, also the women have legs! Choose three of them; for it would not be fitting to send one as a messenger to the son of a king."

188,16. And Lamech promptly summoned three of the most eloquent ones, introduced them to Kisehel and asked him whether they might be of service.

188,17. Kisehel answered in the affirmative, and at once the three women were sent away to Thubalkain. When the women had gone, Kisehel said to Lamech:

188,18. "Brother Lamech, if you are hungry and thirsty, send the women and maids with the empty baskets to your larders to bring back food and drink."

188,19. And Lamech replied: "Yes, great, dear friends, if I were worthy of the grace and it pleased you to eat with me, a poor sinner, I should do at once what you suggested.

188,20. "If, however, I am surely still wholly unworthy of this, I shall prefer to fast until I shall be deemed by you worthier of this grace than just now."

188,21. And Kisehel answered Lamech: "Brother, look, it is hardly three days since Jehovah was walking visibly in person as a perfect man on the heights eating and drinking with us, - yet we are indescribably less compared to Him than you are now compared to us!

188,22. "Since Jehovah has eaten with us, why should we, your brothers, all descended from the still living father Adam, not hold a meal with you? So let food and drink be fetched and you will not eat alone from the baskets, but we, including the women and maids, shall have our good share of it."

188,23. Here Lamech jumped up, almost demented with joy and, glorifying and praising God for this to him inexpressibly great grace, at once sent the women and maids to bring the very best from his larders.

188,24. And the women promptly went to the city, rejoicing, to fetch food and drink.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-188 Chapter