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190,1. When all had eaten their fill, they stood up and thanked Me for the gift, and Sethlahem said to the women and maids:

190,2. "You women and maids, gather the leftovers and place them in a basket so that the soon returning women will also find their just share for the appeasement of their hunger.

190,3. "Grab the baskets and take them to the city. In the house of Lamech put everything in order and sweep all the rooms to make them clean for the reception of the new king, who has become a dear brother to us. So go and do what you were told to do. Amen."

190,4. And the women and maids promptly tackled the work as told, all the while glorifying and praising Me because they were deemed worthy of being employed by My messengers.

190,5. When these women and maids had reached the city, behold, they were met by the other three who were followed by the rough Thubalkain with an able troop of miners equipped with all sorts of implements for mining.

190,6. When they finally had reached Lamech, Sethlahem turned to the women, led them to the basket and told them to fortify themselves with food and drink. When the women heard this, an almost heavenly joy began to beam from their faces.

190,7. And they began to glorify and praise Me loudly, after which they said to Sethlahem:

190,8. "O you great messenger of Him Whose name to pronounce our tongues will never be worthy, are we still worthy of this grace, of partaking of this food which is surely blessed by you, and are we still capable of eating the same?"

190,9. And Sethlahem replied to the three women: "If I tell you, why do you still ask? So ask no longer, but be of good cheer and eat and drink with a joyful heart.

190,10. "When you have fortified yourselves, praise the Lord God, then take the basket and go to the city to do in the house of Lamech what your companions are already doing. Amen."

190,11. With this instruction the three women were quite satisfied and promptly went to the basket there to eat and drink; and, having praised God in their hearts through their joyfulness, they stood up and hurried to the city and the house of Lamech.

190,12. At the same time, while Sethlahem was speaking with the three women also the somewhat harsh negotiations between Thubalkain on the one hand and Kisehel and Lamech on the other began, as follows:

190,13. When Thubalkain with his crowd halted in front of Lamech and the messengers he lifted a heavy hammer from his shoulder and struck the ground with it mightily, so much so that the same reverberated at a distance of a hundred fathoms, and asked in an extremely gruff voice:

190,14. "Father Lamech, what do you want me to do? Shall I maybe flatten these seven mountain ruffians with my hammer? Or do you need new weapons?

190,15. "Or shall I maybe drive down the heads of the mountains a little more towards the depth? - Tell me what you want me to do!"

190,16. But Lamech gave Thubalkain a very meaningful look and said to him pointing at Kisehel: "Not I , but this one will tell you what to do.

190,17. "But do not harp too much on your heavy hammer lest it become too heavy for you!"

190,18. Here Thubalkain at once turned to Kisehel asking him: 'Well then, if you summoned me, why are you not speaking up? Do you stand in such fear of me, or do you not know my tongue? - So speak up, provided you can talk!

190,19. “The women have mentioned something about a precious ore found; say, what is it all about?"

190,20. And Kisehel raised himself up and said to Thubalkain, as it were asking him: "First tell me why you just struck the ground so mightily with your hammer and called us 'mountain ruffians', - only then will I tell you what I want! - So speak. Amen."

190,21. Here Thubalkain creased his face in a thousand angry wrinkles and said, as if spitting the fire of wrath from a furnace: "What are you saying, miserable creature? You bird of prey of the beautiful women from the city of my father!

190,22. "Shall I flatten your skull at once - or only after a while?

190,23. "Just look here, the parasitic vermin coming from the rocky walls maybe expects to be honoured by us!

190,24. "It would really be a pity for my hammer if it had to crush such a silly head!"

190,25. Here he turned to his crowd and said: 'Turn back with me; for our mining skill was not invented for such ruffians.

190,26. "However, so that you great blackhead may know why I called you a ruffian, I tell you: Because you are! And this is your good luck; for, if you were a little less stupid than you are by nature or at least seem to be, you would have surely tasted this hammer instead of this answer and could then have said how you enjoyed it! - Do you understand this?"

190,27. Hereupon Thubalkain again heaved his hammer onto his shoulder and made to go.

190,28. But Kisehel lifted up his hand and thundered: Thubalkain! I tell you to stay! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-190 Chapter