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193,1. After these words of Kisehel, Thubalkain was mightily taken aback For it was no longer a secret to him that Kisehel could look into his heart; but the fact that Kisehel knew exactly of every single thought emerging in his soul was a little too much for our Thubalkain and he was now at a complete loss.

193,2. Thus he silently brooded over the matter for a while. After some time he turned again to Kisehel and addressed him with these words:

193,3. "Listen, you great and mighty messenger of the God of Farak to us dwellers in the lowlands, I find this my situation very disagreeable. Effect my release and I will speak freely with you; for look, being fixed to a spot is mightily bothersome to me and I cannot say an open word to you in this condition.

193,4. "If I am to be of benefit to you with my art, I must be free; otherwise you have anyway summoned me in vain.

193,5. "Why I behaved somewhat rudely towards you, you will surely know for the same reason for which you know what I am thinking within me.

193,6. "Look, it is surely not a small matter to lose one's most beautiful and beloved wife! And through whom? - You know this of course better than I do!

193,7. "However, I will forget everything if you release me and I can talk to you openly."

193,8. Here Kisehel stepped up to Thubalkain and, grasping his hand, said to him:

193,9. "'Thubalkain, in the name of Jehovah, the one true almighty great God, I tell you: Be free, and walk and act righteously! So be it!"

193,10. At once 'Thubalkain was free and could walk as before, and Kisehel said to him: "Behold, now you are free; what will you now do?"

193,11. And Thubalkain replied: "So listen: First of all, that you glorify and praise your almighty God in my stead, for He was gracious to you and me and has freed me through your word. And then let me know what you want of me so that I can do your bidding; and when I have served you to your satisfaction, you will not withhold a small reward from the workman.

193,12. "Behold, this is all I want to do and demand.

193,13. "However, I do not mean to impose on you in any way; for you are mighty and wise.

193,14. "So consider these my words and command according to your wisdom, and I shall serve you in this."

193,15. And Kisehel continued to ask Thubalkain and said: "And in what shall the small reward consist? Tell all of us; for behold, we are well aware that every worker is worthy of his wages. So declare yourself."

193,16. And Thubalkain said to him: "Why should I make a long speech; you are reading anyway in my heart what the same is missing! I am alone since the day I lost my sweet wife Naeme!

193,17. "I do not demand Naeme - for she is lost to me -, but present me with another wife and I am rewarded abundantly."

193,18. Then Kisehel said to Thubalkain: "Good, you shall receive according to your desire, and that still today in the house of your father.

193,19. "However, once you have this reward, will you really be quite satisfied?"

193,20. Here Thubalkain hesitated for a while but finally collected himself and said: "Go! There might be something else; but this is not for us dwellers in the lowlands."

193,21. And Kisehel replied: "Yes, carry out your commission well; truly, if you will do your work out of love for God, you shall enter the heights and see and talk to the arch father Adam, the arch mother Eve and all the patriarchs and the sole high priest Enoch, and shall then be appeased in Purista's kitchen.

193,22. "However, here at our feet lies the crude ore, inspect it; you shall smelt it down for me and then hammer it into sheet metal wherewith to cover the temple of Jehovah.

193,23. "Behold, this is all I demand of you; so set to work! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-193 Chapter