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196,1. When they had arrived at Lamech's residence, all the women and maids came to meet them, fell down on their knees before them and with veiled faces praised the Name engraved on the stone tablet Lamech was carrying.

196,2. And Kisehel said to Sethlahem: "Brother, behold the women! Treat them in keeping with the word within you."

196,3. Hereupon Sethlahem bade the women and maids rise, adding:

196,4. "Go and provide a good meal, have a lamb slaughtered and well pre-pared for the new king, and a fattened calf shall be prepared for the new bridegroom and his bride.

196,5. "Provide also bread and fine fruits, not to forget good, pure drinks.

196,6. Thus go to the food steward and arrange everything nicely. Amen."

196,7. And the women and maids hurried away and did exactly according to his bidding.

196,8. When following this the whole company entered the great royal hall, Lamech stopped and said to Kisehel: "Great, mightiest friend and truest and most just emissary of the almighty great God, behold, the sight of my erstwhile throne of horrors makes me tremble and in my soul all my committed atrocities emerge like heavy clouds ascending from the great waters in a sultry night!

196,9. 'Would you be agreeable if, instead of this one, we were to enter another great chamber which would seem friendlier to me than this one where I had let myself be worshiped as a God.

196,10. "From which throne, erected by the blood and tears of poor humankind, to top it all I gave the most cruel secret and open commandments.

196,11. “O friend, if it suited you I should like to entreat you, as I said, to use another chamber."

196,12. But Kisehel said to Lamech: "Brother, this very room is the most suitable chamber in your entire palace!

196,13. "For, if you want to fully recover in heart and spirit, you must purify your heart completely of all the old filth. However, this can only be achieved in that your spirit becomes more and more aglow and with its fire consumes all the filth in your heart.

196,14. "How can the spirit be more easily ignited than by this very pressure from all sides, effected by the awakened conscience on account of your committed horrors?

196,15. "Now you are feeling this burdensome pressure in this very chamber, and this is the very thing you should desire most whole--heartedly. The evil recollections oppress you, and this is good; for this very pressure will set you free.

196,16. Behold, what do you want to do? Can you undo what has happened? Can you ever free yourself of your deeds? - I tell you, dear brother, you cannot ever do this as long as you avoid remembering your feelings about them.

196,17. "Only one thing can free your heart and after that also your spirit, and this is the truth.

196,18. 'That you must seek in everything, and its fire will consume the filth within you, and only in this free spirit will you fully recognize what sin really is and how easy it is for the Lord to rid you at last of all your sins even if they were to number more than the grass on the earth and the sand in the ocean!

196,19. 'Thus we shall stay in this chamber and for the time being erect this tablet on the festively adorned throne for a sign Whose in the future the actual throne of a ruler should be.

196,20. "And so carry the tablet to the throne and set it up there; there it shall remain until the completion of the temple. Amen."

196,21. And Lamech was contented and promptly did Kisehel's bidding and then glorified and praised the holy Name on the tablet.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-196 Chapter