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197,1. And Lamech had a great pleasure in the revering of the most holy Name, so much so that he did not want to rise; for the more deeply he kept grasping the Name, the more he was moved in his heart and spirit and could therefore not leave the spot where the love for God began so mightily to seize him.

197,2. Kisehel left him to the sublime bliss of his spirit so that he might strengthen himself more and more in the mighty, active love for God.

197,3. When Thubalkain observed this, he was amazed at his father Lamech and said to Kisehel:

197,4. "Listen, great, mighty friend and brother according to your word, truly, if someone had told me: Tomorrow a tree will grow from the earth which with its branches will reach the firmament by the evening!', I would have thought it rather more likely than such a sudden change of heart in my father.

197,5. "It is scarcely eight days since Lamech swore to destroy heaven and the whole earth, - and now he is lying contrite in the dust before that which he had been cursing so horribly and bitterly!

197,6. "Truly, this is the greatest miracle the whole earth, including its coming into being with all that is in, on and above it, has to show!

197,7. "Yes, I tell you, mighty friend and brother, had you moved mountains with your strength, you would thereby not have convinced me so mightily of your pure divine mission - as through this unheard-of miracle.

197,8. "Yes, only now do I fully believe that you were surely sent here by God. For the miracles out there captivated me without so much convincing me; for they happened in too rapid succession so that I could not help myself but was coerced like one vanquished and had to obey, driven by my weakness and the conviction of others.

197,9. "But now my free will is awakening and I am no longer a coerced follower of all that you have taught us and surely are still going to teach, but now I freely and spontaneously will what you will out of the almighty God's most holy will.

197,10. "So let me, too, go to the throne there to do what my father Lamech is now blissfully doing. Your will in God be done."

197,11. And Kisehel said to Thubalkain: "Brother, this is right and proper of you. Go and fortify yourself for the impending temptation; for him whom the holy Father helps through a miracle He tests more severely than the one who was converted to Him through the word alone.

197,12. „I tell you: Everything must first go through the fire before it can draw near to God in the heart and in spirit! You are converted, and so is Lamech, and this in a most miraculous manner; but in this converted condition you are still like the ore, which is found crude in the earth and has to be considered so to speak as an excrement of the same. For the ore to become firm and usable, it must go through the fire.

197,13. "Look, thus also you and Lamech must first go through the fire and be completely smelted by the same before you will attain the true firmness in the faith, love and loyalty to God.

197,14. "So you may just as well go and, like your father, fortify yourself for any impending test from above, which will certainly be coming."

197,15. These words frightened Thubalkain so that he began to tremble, hardly able to stutter this question:

197,16. “O friend! - - Shall- I - and the - father Lamech - have to - be burnt - in the fire?"

197,17. And Kisehel replied: "Oh, what foolish thoughts you harbor!

197,18. "Not a single spark will touch your body; but the fire of your love for God will first have to consume you in all your still hidden worldliness. Only then, as I said, will you be able to draw near to God, whereby all your sin will be taken from you, just as it was taken from me when I was a sinner before God.

197,19. "I, too, was converted through a miracle and had then to go, and am still going, through a strong fire. Thus also you will fare; so go with a cheerful heart to your father and do what he is now doing, and you will find much strengthening grace and will thereby pass the coming tests easily and with joy and courage. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-197 Chapter