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20,1. At this, Purista was very much taken aback and asked her father Gabiel "Listen, father, this must be a mighty messenger from heaven! What will become of us if we should have committed a sin?"

20,2. And Gabiel said to her: "Behold, my daughter, he is still here and looks at us with great pity; he will surely forgive us again.

20,3. "If we have sinned, we have sinned in our great blindness; go to him in the name of us all and ask his forgiveness.

20,4. "Oh look, look, how kindly and mildly he is looking down on us! Just go quickly and ask his forgiveness; he will surely forgive you and us all.

20,5. "But make sure first to throw yourself down before him, for he seems to be very holy. So go, go before it may be too late! Amen."

20,6. And Purista promptly threw herself at the feet of Abedam beginning to weep and sob.

20,7. But Abedam quickly bent down and, lifting her up, asked her: "Purista, what ails you, that I see you weep?"

20,8. Purista, still weeping, answered: "O you dear friend, after your last words it dawned on me and I clearly saw that you are no inhabitant of the earth, but a mighty messenger from the heavens sent by the most holy Father Himself, Who is full of sublime love and mercy. Behold, I must surely have offended you.

20,9. "Would you forgive me as well as all the others?

20,10. "See, you granted me a sign provided I asked for it; O you sublime friend of poor humanity and of the holy God, so allow me to ask you for it."

20,11. And Abedam, bending down again, took Purista on His arm, pressed her to His bosom and then asked her with great mildness:

20,12. "Purista, you pure pearl of the lightful morning, what sign do you then demand of Me?"

20,13. And Purista, almost expiring with bliss, said in a loving, trembling voice: "O you sublime, mighty friend! Now I can no longer ask you for a sign; for, what I - meant - to ask for, - - you have already, anticipating my wish, - beyond my wildest expectations graciously done to me and thus surely to us all."

20,14. Here she could no longer speak, overwhelmed by her feelings of gratitude.

20,15. But Abedam pressed her once more to His heart and then led her again into the arms of her parents, who also wept for sheer gratitude and joy.

20,16. Finally, Gabiel said: "No, never can an angel be so good! - Wife - and you, my daughter, here is more than the highest angel can ever grasp!"

20,17. Here his speech failed him. - And when after a while Purista looked at Abedam He said to her:

20,18. "Purista, My daughter! Do you still not recognize Me, your heavenly Father? -- Behold, it is --. I - I Myself!"

20,19. When He said this they all recognized the Father; but Purista, screaming loudly, threw herself at Abedam's feet clasping them convulsively, driven by her ardent love, and all she could utter was:

20,20. "Father! - Father! -- Father! - You my Father, - my dear Father! You holy, most loving heavenly Father; my, my, my dear Father!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-20 Chapter