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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-203 Chapter


203,1. While they were still happily discussing God's ways with people and the messengers related some of the miraculous deeds of love that had taken place on the heights and how the Lord had walked among them teaching them about the immortality of the spirit and that only the love for God in the heart of man actually constit11ted eternal life, suddenly in the lanes of the great city of Enoch there happened a mighty uproar. Soon one could make out voices crying: "Curse upon Lamech, curse upon all his followers!

203,2. "Death and destruction to his whole house; for he let himself be abominably beguiled and betrayed us all to the mountain beasts!

203,3. 'Therefore he shall die before we do! Already masses of gigantic warriors are pouring from the mountains from all directions; they come to destroy us! - Yes, yes, they are frighteningly coming upon us to wipe us all out!

203,4. 'Therefore you, miserable Lamech, shall first be punished by our hands for shamelessly delivering us up into the hands of the murderers!

203,5. "Your bodyguard from the mountains shall now be of little use to you; you must be destroyed along with your followers and your new bodyguard!"

203,6. After this laudable proclamation the tumult became even worse and a great number of rebels began to enter Lamech's palace, armed with clubs and other weapons. Soon the trampling of many feet, abusive language, curses and knocks were heard on the steps of the palace; this murderous tumult and noise came nearer and nearer.

203,7. At this, Lamech and Thubalkain were so frightened that they almost became senseless; also the women and maids, including Thubalkain's new wife, were terribly frightened so that they screamed and trembled.

203,8. Then Kisehel said in a loud voice to Lamech: "Brother Lamech, what ails you that you stand there trembling like one with the knife already at his throat?

203,9. „O you foolish man! Did you not experience how little all your power directed against me benefited you? Did not hundreds, turned immobile, have to throw their weapons away at our sight, having to comply with our commands?

203,10. "Having experienced the divine power within us personally, how come you are so horrified at this uproar?

203,11. "So pull yourself together and be of a cheerful heart! Let the rebels come and do not be horrified until they have in earnest subdued you, including us. But as long as this is by no means the case, be calm and trust actively in God; for His might is greater than the might of all the blind rebels of the earth put together! - So collect yourselves all of you! Amen."

203,12. After this speech Lamech, including the others, began again to breathe more freely and said finally:

203,13. „O friends! Do not be angry with me because I was so frightened in your presence; however, such a sudden commotion is in itself frightening and even more frightening when accompanied by such threats! Therefore, we poor children of the lowlands may well be forgiven for being so terrified on such an occasion. But now nothing shall frighten Lamech any more, not even death itself!

203,14. "For from now on to the end of my life I will oppose the latter and will at all times fight for the glorification of the divine Name."

203,15. And Kisehel replied: "Brother, only now do I like you wholeheartedly; for thus you are a perfect brother to me. But look, the rebels are coming; so set out and confront them alone, and you shall be a mighty victor against them!

203,16. "For they shall now be scattered before you like dust and chaff; and so rise. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-203 Chapter