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Chapter 204 - THE COMBAT WITH THE REBELS (5th December 1842)

204,1. No sooner had Kisehel drawn Lamech's attention to the rebels who would now be breaking through the door than they were already there, glowing with rage.

204,2. When Lamech saw their distorted faces and heard their horrible howling he was again terrified, so much so that he almost lost consciousness and falling to the ground was barely able to utter during his fall: "Woe betide me! I am lost!"

204,3. This time only Thubalkain remained steadfast, made a stand against the advancing crowd and pushed them vigorously back several times.

204,4. When it was impossible to subdue the crowd, Thubalkain thundered at them, full of earnest: "What do you want from us? Why are you attacking us like this?"

204,5. But the crowd shouted: "Nothing - but you and your accursed, abominable life!"

204,6. After this utterance Thubalkain lifted up his hands, as well as his heart, to God and said: „O You almighty, just, holy God, Father and Creator of all things! Endow me now with the right strength and power so that I may thereby be able to push back these rioters into the proper order!"

204,7. After this mighty exclamation Kisehel stepped up to Thubalkain and said to him: "Thubalkain, my brother! Listen, the most loving, holy Father has well perceived your entreaty and granted your prayer. So be comforted and encouraged; for you will soon experience the power of God within us and within you.

204,8. "Now set forth against the evil rioters, and hit them on the head with your word! Amen."

204,9. And Thubalkain, well aware of how the power out of God came upon him, raised himself and spoke with a strong voice to the rebels:

204,10. "Listen, you mutineers against the holy rights of God! Against whom did you intend to fight? - Against God your evil hearts are directed; it was against Him you went out with clubs, spears and cudgels!

204,11. „O you most miserable fighters! Have you ever experienced the power of the supreme, almighty God?

204,12. "You shout: 'No, what have we to do with that? We only want you and your life!' But I tell you: Now you are dealing with the power and might of God; so consider well before you finally lift your murderous weapons against and over us!

204,13. "For verily, verily, I tell all of you in the name of the almighty God, unless you have an immediate change of heart, you will fare like someone who had fallen into the crater of a furiously burning mountain; he who would be the first to lift his club against us shall turn to dust and ashes!

204,14. "Now you know against whom you intend to wage war, and what your fate will be! Now do as you like, - you have a free will; your reward will be according to the deed!"

204,15. After these words the rebels began to riot and curse even more so that the noise woke Lamech.

204,16. Only when he regained consciousness did he become enraged because of the rebels and shouted with a loud voice: "Mighty brothers and friends! Destroy them, these bloodthirsty villains opposing God!"

204,17. Thereupon Kisehel said very calmly to Lamech: "Brother, do not lose your temper in vain; for God is not like a man, wanting to straight away destroy His works,- but the eternal law of His eternal order says: Eternal preservation of all created things!

204,18. 'These here have been given a law by Thubalkain and it was hallowed from above. Whoever among them will act contrary to it, will at once find his judgment; so you may set your mind at rest. Amen."

204,19. Thereupon a rioter wielded his club over Kisehel; but in a moment he was seized by fire and burnt to ashes in the sight of all. This stunned all the others and one after another began to withdraw quietly.

204,20. Some were still cursing; but others admonished them to repent. Thus this riot soon came to an end and peace reigned again in its stead.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-204 Chapter