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206,1. After that everyone was again bright and cheerful; only Lamech could not quite collect himself and seemed to be full of thought.

206,2. Kisehel, well noticing this, approached Lamech and asked him: "Brother Lamech, what are you still pondering about? Tell me frankly what is still bothering you so much. Do not be shy; for now we are all brothers and must be of one mind. So tell me quite openly if you will what is stirring your soul so much. Amen."

206,3. And Lamech, pondering for a short time and collecting his thoughts, said finally: "Mighty friend and brother! Behold, you are not wrong in asking me as you did; for strong doubts are assailing my soul and I earnestly do not know what to make of them.

206,4. "You will surely be best able to enlighten me on them.

206,5. "Since you have asked me about it, I will at once inform you of my main worry, -- and so hear it; for these are my thoughts:

206,6. "Look, I cannot make sense of all the constant temptations and I think: 'Throughout my life I have committed many crimes; why did I do them?

206,7. "Because I could not act differently; my heart, my whole nature were such that I had to act as I did.

206,8. "For every action was prompted by an ardent desire which I could resist as little as a most violent storm of the elements.

206,9. 'Who created in me such evil desire, who the unrestrained thought in my heart? Did I do this? Or could I do this? For I do not even know in the least what sort of thing this desire is and where it comes from.

206,10. "I perform all my deeds in keeping with such desire; yet is it my fault that I committed them? Was I not urged on violently by this my desire? But in this desire lies surely all the temptation!

206,11. "If man is tempted by such an invincible power in himself and unable in his weakness to resist a temptation, - tell me who is the real culprit if man succumbs to the mighty temptation.

206,12. "And seeing that man cannot possibly have the strength to resist the temptation, what is temptation for? What is its final purpose?

206,13. "Behold, mighty friend and brother, these are my thoughts. Just give me a little light on this and throughout my whole life I will not waste another thought on this doubt."

206,14. And Kisehel gave the following answer to Lamech: "Brother Lamech, nothing could be easier for the spirit to comprehend - than exactly this.

206,15. "Look, presuming you, too, were capable of creating a man endowed with a free will. If you willed it, he would already be there; having endowed him with all sorts of talents and capabilities, you would then say to him:

206,16. "'Well, you man created through my power, I tell you, you are free and can do what you want!' - Will this man created by you in all earnest be free? .. - Oh no; for he does not yet know what freedom is.

206,17. "Neither will he begin to act in accordance with his talents and capabilities, but will stand there like a vessel filled with water, full -- albeit of the very purest water. What will you have to do to make him act freely? - You will have to instill him with a desire to act.

206,18. "Once he possesses it, he will tackle everything according to the pull of the desire; however, will such an action be free and within God's order? You say: 'By no means!'

206,19. Well and good; but in order for his action to be free and within God's order, should he not be shown by means of laws what to do or not to do?

206,20. "However, if you will lay very strict laws into him, he will be acting like an animal.

206,21. "If you will lay them down too lax, that is, without sanction, they will not challenge him.

206,22. "Thus you will have to sanction them, and the man will only then begin to discern right from wrong, or what is within God's order from what is not.

206,23. "In order for him to become active and a free spirit, you will have to provide him with opport1mities testing his initiative; and behold, these opportunities are nothing else but the temptations so harshly criticized by you.

206,24. "Thus God must also send us such temptations, otherwise we would be like stones, or trees, or animals.

206,25. "But God wants us to be free men; hence he must always provide us with opportunities through which we can become truly free.

206,26. “The temptations arising from the world and our desires are such opportunities! So set your mind at rest and be no longer sad; but only in your spirit will you find this riddle completely solved.

206,27. "And so be cheerful with us all. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-206 Chapter