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209,1. At dawn prior to sunrise everybody proceeded to the throne-room where they all gave honor to God.

209,2. When the adoration and worship of the most holy Name, lasting till full sunrise, was finished, everybody went again to the dining-hall where an abundant morning meal was waiting for the guests.

209,3. This was taken after a moving hymn of praise.

209,4. After thanks had been given for this good morning meal Kisehel said: "Now, dear brothers, let us go out to our workers and see what they have already achieved.

209,5. "But after a while the women and maids shall bring out several baskets full of food as a good sustenance for the returning workers."

209,6. Thereupon they all went outside. When they arrived there, Lamech and Thubalkain were stunned, firstly, not only at discovering an almost mountain-sized heap of glittering lumps of gold, but already seeing a number of stretch-hammers in full activity and in addition a great number of the most beautiful, extremely glittering gold-sheets, - and secondly, that they could no longer discover far and wide any trace of the puddles and molasses!

209,7. Seeing this, Lamech turned to Kisehel and asked him: „O mighty friend and brother, -- do tell me how this was possible! For with human power this is unthinkable.

209,8. "I can just about accept the ore; but the draining of the puddles, swamps and molasses, extending for several hours in all directions, is completely incomprehensible to me!

209,9. "Do tell me how this was achieved."

209,10. And Kisehel answered Lamech and said: "Lamech, do you perchance know how it happened to dawn again today?

209,11. "You say you are completely unaware of it; yet this means infinitely more than the drainage of these puddles, - and no one wants to ask about the greater matter.

209,12. "Do you not know that with God all things are possible?

209,13. "Behold, on the height the great nocturnal storm split almost to dust a whole crystal mountain of great beauty in the night prior to the Sabbath!

209,14. "In the morning all the sorely tested dwellers saw with great regret this great splendor of the height as good as completely destroyed in a smoldering rubble heap; several great rocks were lying around on the far-flung mountain terrain, smashed to smithereens, -

209,15. "And behold, it cost the Lord one single thought, hardly a breath, a little word, and the whole destroyed and scattered grotto, certainly one of the greatest, most wondrous, majestic and splendid palaces, was instantly restored as though it had never been touched by the slightest breeze!

209,16. "Now look, dear brother Lamech, if the Lord can easily do one thing, He will certainly be able to do another.

209,17. 'To Him Who could create the earth it will not be exactly too difficult to drain these swamps, provided it be His will. But this was His will, - and behold, this is why it happened in accordance with His will! Are you now happy with this elucidation?!'

209,18. And Lamech replied: "Friend and brother, - I am, perfectly; only I want to ask you one more thing, namely:

209,19. Why does the almighty God let His created beings be active in the various things - while, strictly speaking, He does not need their service in the least?"

209,20. Thereupon Kisehel said to Lamech: "All this happens for an endlessly wise reason, namely, that thereby all life issuing from Him may be enabled to sufficiently and necessarily exercise its strength without which it would cease to be a life!

209,21. "Activity is the preservation and constant consolidation of life; therefore, all things are active, and man is meant to be exceedingly active because he is most of all endowed with life by God.

209,22. "Since man's life is mainly spiritual, he shall exercise the same mainly in the love for God lest he lose it

209,23. "Look, this is why the almighty God lets us work.

209,24. "But look, there are workers already coming from all directions for the building of the temple; so collect yourself and allot at once his work to each.

209,25. "But before they commence work they shall eat and drink.

209,26. "And so we shall let the work commence. Amen."

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