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210,1. When the workers, by three thousand in number, together with the recruiting officials had reached the spot where Lamech was with the seven messengers from the height, Lamech told them all to sit down on the ground and take food and drink, just now brought in abundance by the women and maids of Lamech.

210,2. Then he asked Kisehel to bless the food and drink for these guests; and Kisehel did this.

210,3. When the workers had eaten their fill and the baskets, instead of becoming emptier, only kept growing fuller, some noticed this and did not know what to make of it; for they did not know where it came from.

210,4. But Lamech said to them: "Do you wonder about the blessing from the hallowed height? Yes, you are right to be wondering; but you will be seeing even more wondrous things which will amaze you inexpressibly more than what you are seeing now."

210,5. Here a noble man from the city of Farak, who was a master builder, rose and, bowing deeply to the king, said to him:

210,6. "Mighty, distinguished king and lord! May the almighty God of Farak and of all our fathers grant you a long life!

210,7. "I, one of your servants, wish to request you to lend me a gracious ear; behold, I have an important matter on my mind."

210,8. And Lamech, extending his hand to this man in a most friendly manner, said: "Oh speak, speak, brother and friend, and do no longer fear Lamech; for the hyena has turned into a gentle lamb. So say what bothers your heart."

210,9. And the man from Farak once more bowed deeply to Lamech and then said:

210,10. "Great king and lord, behold, last night I had a dream that seven tall men, clad in extremely luminous garments, had come to me.

210,11. "One of them stepped up to me and said: 'Mura! You are my man; travel to the city of Enoch. Since you are a master builder you shall there erect a glorious edifice.

210,12. "Lamech will build a temple to the God of Farak, and you are to supervise the construction.

210,13. "When tomorrow morning you will awake you will find a completed plan on your table; after this plan you shall build the temple.

210,14. "But first show the plan to the king, who will soon recognize it as the right one and will then appoint you principal master builder.'

210,15. "Then he also said to me: 'I, who am now telling you this in your dream, am along with these six brothers from the height, and my name is Kisehel, a messenger of the Lord to the children of the lowlands!'

210,16. "Behold, this I was told, and here is the wondrous plan which I, Mura, truly miraculously found on my table this morning long before sunrise.

210,17. “O king and lord, have the grace to look at it."

210,18. Lamech, utterly amazed and pleased at this account, promptly acknowledged the full accuracy of the plan and thereupon said to Mura:

210,19. "Friend and brother! Through this my handshake I appoint you that to which the Lord's mighty messenger called you in spirit.

210,20. "This my royal chain which I am now handing to you shall always mark you as the master builder, authorized by me."

210,21. Thereupon Lamech asked Mura: "Do you remember the features of Kisehel?"

210,22. And Mura replied: “O king and lord! So much so that the same will never be lost to my soul."

210,23. And Lamech said to Mura: "Friend and brother, behold there the tall man talking to Thubalkain! Does he not look like him?"

210,24. And Mura, beside himself with joy, said: „O king and lord, not only that, but - this is he in person! Yes, yes, it is he, it is he!"

210,25. Then Lamech summoned Kisehel who promptly stepped up to Lamech saying to him: "Well, how do you like the master builder Mura from Farak?"

210,26. Lamech could not speak for excessive joy, and Mura fell on his knees before Kisehel.

210,27. ut Kisehel said to both of them: "Rise and give honor to God. You, Lamech, are now a proper king and you, Mura, a proper master builder.

210,28. "So set to work; the Lord's blessing be with you and with the work of your hands. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-210 Chapter