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211,1. Mura hardly trusted his eyes and ears; but, having risen according to Kisehel's bidding, he said to Lamech:

211,2. "My wise king and lord, permit me, your servant, to say just a few words; for I must have light in this matter or I will rather die or miserably perish than remain in this darkness where I cannot see how the miraculous things that happened to me could possibly have occurred.

211,3. If you, O king and lord, should know something about it, do tell me.

211,4. "For I shall not hold my own in the supervision of the building if my spirit will look in vain for its light in this darkness."

211,5. And Lamech answered Mura: "Listen, friend and brother, your zeal is laudable. This I may well tell you; but to reveal to you God's ways, - look, there you turned to an incompetent man, for this is as good a riddle to me as it is to you.

211,6. "As for me, I will comply with the Lord's will. If it is right and good for my salvation I shall learn it at the proper time; however, if that is not the case it shall not bother me again.

211,7. "But this much I do know now, namely, that whatever happens, happens according to the Lord's will, and behold, this is enough for the moment.

211,8. 'The Lord has wondrously proclaimed His will to me and to you; so let us first fulfill the same, and the Lord will then further decide what His most holy will for us will be.

211,9. "Behold, whatever we see is nothing but sheer wonders! 1ne sun in the firmament, the moon and all the stars and our earth are full of the most incomprehensible wonders! Who comprehends them in their true nature?

211,10. "Do you maybe want to die because you fail to comprehend it?

211,11. "Look, this is silly of you. So let go of it and comply with God's will; everything else will be added to it, if it pleases the Lord.

211,12. "However, if it does not please Him, it is by far better for us not to learn it rather than learn it against the Lord's will.

211,13. "Rather let us go to the building site there to stake out everything properly according to the plan and then assign the work to the workers, Do you not agree to this?"

211,14. And Mura said, overcome with remorse at Lamech's words:

211,15. „O king and lord! May God the Almighty give you a long life; for only now do I fully realize that you are endowed with true wisdom by God, - for you have completely stilled my desires.

211,16. 'Therefore, I will be your most diligent servant throughout my whole life. All honor and all praise for this be to God forever! Amen."

211,17. Thereupon he summoned his subordinate builders and told them to follow him and the lightful king to the building site, which the king would indicate to them.

211,18. Presently by thirty in number stepped out of the crowd. And now Lamech was in a little quandary.

211,19. For the site destined for the temple was now filled with nothing but are, pits, workers, hammers and smelting-furnaces, and Lamech did not know what to do.

211,20. For this reason he again turned to Kisehel and asked him what could now be done.

211,21. Thereupon Kisehel said to Lamech: "Listen, you my dear brother Lamech, the spot on the ground where the temple is to be built hardly matters, but your heart does. Having built in this your living earth a proper temple in the right spot to the most holy Name, which you formerly buried in tl1e filth of the same, you have already taken the right measure.

211,22. "As to this external building, measure it out in the most convenient spot, and it will be agreeable to the Lord.

211,23. "When I told you to build the temple in the very same spot where the tablet was unearthed, behold, all that was meant was your heart; but you have already constructed the building in the same, and so it is good.

211,24. 'Thus you may now measure out the earth wherever you like and it will be all right, provided the measure of your heart is right."

211,25. Here Lamech thanked Kisehel for this light and proceeded with the utterly amazed Mura to a most beautiful, unobstructed site; there, together with Mura, he staked out the plan in a masterly fashion.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-211 Chapter