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213,1. After this speech everybody went to his assigned place and did as bidden. During the seven days Lamech would have liked to go out several times to the building site and inspect the progress of the building. However, Kisehel with good reason advised him against it and instead walked about with him in the great city indicating to all the inhabitants that Lamech was now a true king anointed by God.

213,2. And the inhabitants gave shouts of joy because the one true, almighty God of Farak had shown mercy on the king and on them.

213,3. On the sixth day Kisehel even led Lamech up a considerable mountain very close to the city.

213,4. Nobody could enter this mountain because of the great number of large and exceedingly poisonous snakes; therefore, Lamech warned Kisehel against it.

213,5. But Kisehel said to him in reply: "Dear brother Lamech, look, the very reason I am leading you up this mountain of the serpents, is that you may realize the extent of the divine power in man.

213,6. "For I tell you: Any animal of the earth is better than this one, for it is a creature of hell; this is also why no animal is as obdurate and unruly and full of the most evil, secret cunning as precisely this one.

213,7. "And yet they will have to vacate this mountain in their entirety and hastily flee in the direction towards evening where you see a burning mountain from whose crest a glowing river is at present plunging into the depth.

213,8. "In this river they shall be consumed by the thousands and thousands."

213,9. Following this Kisehel took a hazel, cut it at both ends, blessed it and struck the mountain seven times with it.

213,10. At the seventh strike there arose a great hissing, similar to the sound when a storm rushes through the bare branches of the trees on a winter night.

213,11. And presently an immense army of the most gigantic snakes and vipers of every kind was seen rushing from this mountain across a great sandy desert towards the said burning mountain.

213,12. When Lamech saw this he was beside himself with joy and said: "All glory and praise be to the Lord because He endowed man with such power!

213,13. "For a long time this mountain has been a thorn in my side; since it has stood there so unobstructed, I have often wondered whether it could not be cleansed of this most disgusting vermin.

213,14. "However, no one could approach it even to a distance of a thousand paces without running the risk of being caught and eaten by these monsters.

213,15. "And now also this my desire has been gloriously fulfilled; hence all glory and honor be to God!"

213,16. And Kisehel said to him: "Yes, brother, thus it is fair; to God alone are due all glory, honor, gratitude and all our adoration and love.

213,17. "To be sure the old vermin has left, but it left behind the sevenfold number of young; also this brood must go and be completely destroyed. Amen. In the name of the Lord! Amen."

213,18. Here Kisehe1 struck the mountain another seven blows, and at once the young brood crawled in a dense mass down the sides of the mountain covering the whole ground.

213,19. Now Lamech was frightened and he said to Kisehe1: „O mighty friend and brother, tell me: Is the mountain now completely cleansed already?"

213,20. But Kisehel replied: "Except for the ten thousand million eggs in the old nests.

213,21. "So that also these may be exterminated, the mountain shall glow from within, consume shrubs and scrub through this fire and destroy and wipe out all these eggs from within and then from without."

213,22. Thereupon Kisehel again struck the mountain seven times; and suddenly it began to smoke, the shrubs and scrub began to burn and all the eggs of the snakes and vipers were destroyed.

213,23. Then they proceeded along a cutting up to the summit, which they reached after some effort, and they glorified and praised God.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-213 Chapter