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214,1. When Lamech with Kisehel had reached the height he began to weep; for the glorious view of the wide landscape, the high mountains with their white pinnacles behind the lower foothills, a considerable part of the morning region of the children of the height, towards midday in the far distance part of a great lake on the shores of which the city of Uvrak was built, and finally the sight of the other nine cities and of the whole city of Enoch as well as the new temple which but for a small part of the outer wall was fully completed, ... all this at once proved too much for our poor Lamech, who had never been able to set foot on a mountain before.

214,2. Having feasted his eyes sufficiently so to speak, that is, beforehand, and caught his breath, he unburdened his exceedingly blissful heart of part of its burden by calling out to Kisehel:

214,3. „O friend, O brother! What blissful glory is reigning on this height! Oh, it is good to be here! Here, here I should like to dwell forever!

214,4. „O you poor cities in the lowlands below me at present, you my most miserable palace! What are you compared to this great, endlessly glorious edifice of the almighty Creator?

214,5. "Nothing, nothing but most miserable ant-hills full of a stinging, biting brood!

214,6. „O friend, O brother! Can it possibly look more glorious in God's heavens than here? - No, no, it is impossible!

214,7. "Just look there between morning and midday the five white pinnacles! It really does look as though the earth, or at least a mighty spirit guarding it, wanted to stretch out a hand towards heaven vowing eternal loyalty to the Lord!

214,8. „O You great, almighty God, how glorious Your works are! How he who heeds them in his heart delights in them!

214,9. "And look there towards evening! What a turmoil of bright flames playing about the high tops of the smoking mountains!

214,10. "And there, too, towards morning, mountain pinnacles rising to heaven, each crowned by a luminous pi11ar of flames and surrounded by a thousand flashes of lightning.

214,11. "Wherever my eye may turn, everywhere it beholds an inexpressibly great bustle, drive and activity.

214,12. „O friend and brother, just look up to the hallowed heights from here towards midnight! What might it be there at a giddy height, with a mighty shine as if a second sun were to rise there?"

214,13. Only now did Kisehel have a chance to speak and he replied as follows:

214,14. "Dear brother Lamech, behold, this is the very same famous grotto which I have mentioned earlier to you; in a very short time you shall come to know it better.

214,15. "Now look, dear brother Lamech, in the same manner as we have now used and climbed this mountain, everybody can and shall cleanse himself, and he will then in the easiest possible way reach the lofty, highest pinnacle of his life.

214,16. "And what did we do towards the cleansing and liberating from snakes of this mountain, which is now so gloriously delighting us all on its height?

214,17. "Behold, with a weak hazel-rod we first drove out the great old monsters into the fire of perdition!

214,18. 'The rod is our faith and our full trust in the Lord's grace and mercy; seven times we struck the mountain with the rod and the old and coarse vermin became lively and had to take off.

214,19. 'These seven strikes signify the full trust in the Lord's grace and mercy through firm, unshakable faith in Him.

214,20. "But then the mountain was not yet fully cleansed; for it still contained a countless progeny of the evil brood. Again we struck seven times at the mountain, and you saw a vast multitude of young vermin crawl out of the mountain. What does this signify?

214,21. "Behold, when man has rid himself of the coarse sins which dwelt in his flesh he must enter into his soul there to probe into his propensities and desires. Once he has earnestly recognized them, he must again with his faith and trust strike at the mountain of his life and surrender himself completely to the Lord, and the whole evil brood of propensities and desires will have to flee the soul.

214,22. "But now there are still innumerable eggs of the brood in the mountain of life. These are all sorts of worldly and selfish thoughts.

214,23. "And just as from the eggs the young brood is hatched out and soon grows into coarse, noxious vermin, from the thoughts propensities and desires are born which soon grow into actual deeds.

214,24. "How, then, are these eggs of sin destroyed in the mountain of life? Through the awakening of the inner fire, which is the love for the Lord, through the faith and living trust in Him.

214,25. "Once this has happened, the mountain is as good as climbed. Thus this mountain represents you in person, and you can now have a dwelling built there to ponder over God and His grace and great mercy.

214,26. "Knowing all this now, we have in an exemplary manner fulfilled the purpose of this climb and can again in the name of the Lord descend to the city where many are already waiting for us. To God alone honor forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-214 Chapter