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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-217 Chapter


217,1. After Kisehel's speech Lamech was fully reassured and went with him to the city.

217,2. When they reached the palace there were great crowds assembled shouting:

217,3. "Honor to the great God on high who has visited us all so graciously and mercifully and has given us a true king by remitting Lamech's sin and converting him so that he may now be to us all a true king!

217,4. "Yes, Lamech has now become for us a true king full of grace and wisdom out of God; therefore all our honor and worship be to God the Almighty on high and His most sublime name be hallowed above all now and forever! Amen."

217,5. After such praise Lamech stood up on a pillar erected expressly for the purpose of making announcements to the people and addressed the following words to the people gathered in great crowds from all sides, saying:

217,6. "Listen you, now no longer my servants, my subjects, slaves-- and human beasts of burden, but listen now you, my beloved brothers and sisters! I, Lamech, was your king and ruled you with your strength - for I was probably the weakest among you --, and you trembled before my impotent word.

217,7. "You obeyed me, coerced by your own strength, and cursed me for giving you laws of disaster and cruelty.

217,8. "However, from now on I will no longer be your king and lord, but your brother who wants to lead and guide you to the true cognition and love of God, Who is the sale Lord and King over all men and all creatures from eternity.

217,9. "To this King I have built a new palace out there in the unconfined and pure spot; He will at all times rule over us just like a good, most wise father rules over his children!

217,10. "Tomorrow is the day when His most sublime, holy name will take its permanent abode in this new palace.

217,11. “This day let us celebrate with all the strength of our lives! Prepare yourselves well for this Day of days; for on this day a great blessing will come to us!

217,12. "So prepare yourselves well so that we may enter this place as pure brothers before God and as worthy as possible and pleasing to Him, Who is holy, holy, holy and will take His abode among us poor sinners! His holy will be done always and forever!"

217,13. After these words the crowds were completely done for; the shouting merged into one shout of joy and all one could hear was: "Glory, glory, glory to the great God on high! - His most sublime name be hallowed!"

217,14. When the shouting had somewhat died down and one could see whole crowds weep with gratitude and joy and many who put their hands to their breast as if making to tear their heart out and then fling it to heaven a result of their awakening love for God -, all of a sudden a tall, old, but otherwise vigorous man pushed his way out of the crowd.

217,15. Lamech and Kisehel could not see his face; for he had it covered with one hand.

217,16. Here Kisehel turned to his love so as to learn who this might be; but it said to his spirit: "Listen to him and you will know him by his word!"

217,17. When Kisehel had heard this, he pulled himself together and said also to Lamech: "Brother! Listen, this one will speak; only then shall we recognize him."

217,18. And the stranger stood up on the pillar and said in a loud voice:

217,19. "Hear, you numerous crowds! God, the most holy and most loving Father, took mercy on you and freed you from all slavery and removed the wicked serpent from this region by anointing Lamech with the most exquisite oil of His mercy and grace.

217,20. "Therefore, love Him with all your strength; for He is to you a true Father! Taking hold of His wrath He, as the alone true Father, showed you mercy and wants to accept you as His children.

217,21. "So rush to Him in your hearts; for He intends to enter here tomorrow, guided by me.

217,22. “O children of the height, my fathers and brothers! When the Father walked among us, there was no one to be seen who wanted to tear out his heart and bring it to You, O holy Father; but these poor little children are doing it!

217,23. "Oh, do come, You most loving, holy Father, and receive them and make them equal with us so that we may then praise You with one voice and actively love You with one heart!

217,24. "Rejoice all of you, little children, for the Father will come to you and will embrace you all with His fatherly hand and give you eternal life!

217,25. "For this is why He sent me, His high priest, to you so that I may proclaim this to you from the height

217,26. "Rejoice in the holy Father; for He is extremely good and full of mercy!

217,27. 'Tomorrow you shall see His glory! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-217 Chapter