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218,1. When the still unknown speaker had finished his speech, Lamech seized Kisehel's hand and asked him with great urgency:

218,2. "Mighty friend and brother, did you recognize him, this divine speaker? Truly, he cannot possibly be of common origin! He spoke about the height, where you come from; is he not from there?

218,3. "Yes, he must be, whether he wants to or not; for nobody in the lowlands can talk like that.

218,4. 'The city of Farak used to have wise men in secret who for fear of me kept in hiding; but such wisdom is unheard of.

218,5. "For this truly sublime man uttered words which sounded exactly as if the almighty God Himself had said them.

218,6. 'This you will have been able to notice even better than I have and so I ask you to make me acquainted with this man; for it is of the utmost importance to me!"

218,7. Thereupon Kisehel said to Lamech: "Brother, look, he is coming towards us unasked, and I reckon he will tell you unerringly who is behind him. His voice is familiar to me; for it sounded like that of the high priest Enoch, whom God Himself ordained as such for the whole earth.

218,8. "But his outer appearance is almost entirely unknown to me, for I cannot see his face; he covers it whenever he turns towards us, keeping it open - it seems to me - towards the people, and this looks to me a little mysterious, particularly on the part of Enoch.

218,9. "For I myself cannot yet see the reason why he hides his face from me and the other six brothers standing behind us. But he is close; so no more of this."

218,10. And presently the still unknown man stepped up to Kisehel, shook his hand and said: 'The eternal love and grace of our exceedingly good holy Father be with you, your dear brothers and with this new brother Lamech and all his people!

218,11. "To you and your brothers, greetings from the patriarch Adam, the matriarch Eve, from Seth, Enos, Kenan, Mahalaleel, my father Jared, my son Methuselah and his son, the dear Lamech, and they all rejoice immensely in the glorious success of your work, enjoined upon you by the holy Father Himself.

218,12. "Hundreds of times each day Adam was blessing the lowlands, and all his children of the main line with him; for he was very concerned about you, all the more since the most loving holy Father did not want to indicate until this morning how matters stood with you.

218,13. "But very early today He said to me: 'Enoch! Go and tell the patriarchs that My mercy has prevailed over the lowlands; and tomorrow I will celebrate My triumph there and enter the city of Enoch, accompanied by you!

218,14. So go down this very day and announce this to My brothers!

218,15. "At first cover your face with your hand for a sign that I am long-suffering and extremely patient!

218,16. "Then go into the house of the king, and remove the hand from your face!'

218,17. "Behold, thus spoke the holy, most loving Father to me early this morning; and so for the first time I went down and am now here before you in accordance with the will of the dear, good, holy Father.

218,18. "And so let us go into the house of the king.

218,19. "But first show me the tablet on which is written the most holy name of our God, our most holy, most loving Father so that I, His high priest, may offer Him my heart."

218,20. At once Lamech went ahead, personally opened the door to the throne-room, then rushed to meet the exalted guest and said to him:

218,21. „O you great friend of the almighty God, come now, come into my dirty house where there is still much to be cleansed, and hallow in our most unworthy place the Most Holy, which now graciously resides in my dirty house!"

218,22. Here Lamech was overwhelmed by his feelings and wept for love, remorse and joy owing to the great grace now bestowed on his house.

218,23. But Enoch embraced Lamech, pressed him to his heart and said to him: „O you my beloved, still weak brother, now you have received eternal life!

218,24. "For now you love Him, the holy Father, more than you can comprehend; therefore, you will also experience how exceedingly good the Father is.

218,25. "Verily, I have not found so much love on the height; thus you are now pleasing me more than ninety-nine on the height who, though they have always been walking righteously before God, have never let their hearts be thus ignited by the love for Him!

218,26. "And so lead me into the Most Holy of your house. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-218 Chapter